Tuesday, July 14, 2009

D's scaggly toe update..

Because his toe was all frankenstein-ish we figured something was wrong with it. Sure, it's broke in two places [and trust me, anyone and everyone knows that now, you know how men are- lol], but it was all black/purple and shooting pains were happening every 10-15min. or so. So, D-man went to a foot/ankle specalist and after giving him 3 shots in his toe (Y----OUCH!!!!), they ended up removing the toenail. It AIN'T perdy, people! His toe was infected, so.. he's on medication and they also perscribed him pain pills. He's still in a lot of pain. So, he has a big honker of a toe now (wrapped in sexy blue gauze), and beleive it or not, I've stopped giving him a hard time. What? Say it isn't so? I know, I know... a woman's job is never done, but the boy is in pain so... I figured I could cut him some slack until he's feeling better. :)

Awh, whatta gal I am, I know.....

Hey, what can ya do?

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