Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Garden without a Garden...

I never in a million years would have thought that this would work, but... I guess ya learn something new every day.

Ya see, D went all out for our garden. It's just been a HUGEMONGOUS pain the the... well, you know where I'm going. We were growing more weeds than one would think is possible. Sure, we grew lettuce (like I would eat that stuff surrounded by all the WEEDS, umm.. no thank you!), but that was it. The weeds weren't just a little scaggly guy here or there... oh no! You see, we had 3 beds that were FULL of the suckers. Enough to make you just stay away from it (scarey stuff like, I don't know... SNAKES maybe?). So, we chopped down all the "growing substance" and called it a day! No more garden for us this year. I mean really, like a garden even had a chance with us in charge of it.

Anyways, here's the deal. D's sister bought quite a few of those cheapy plastic planters, plopped them down on her deck and started growing different things like herbs which is not a big hassle. But then she tells me "This one is Zucchinni".. "This one is cucumbers"... etc. etc. THEN she points to the rinky dink planter and announces that it's "Watermellon". I'll admit, I chuckled... I even asked, in my "say it like it is" way, "Umm, do you really think that will work?"... I mean really, what are the odds, I thought? I always invisioned this mac daddy garden with a TON of space for watermellon of all things. Call me sheltered. Call me blond. Call me what you dare.

When I was over there on Thursday, dropping the girls off for a sleepover, I looked out on the deck and WHAT THE HECK? There is ALL kinds of growing action going on. Their tomato's were out of control, cucumbers, ... all of it was GROWING. Then, I see this "getting there" fatso round thing that resembles, no... say it ain't so.. a freaking WATERMELLON, with other growth started! I almost peed my pants right then and there. She spent a total of $35 on her "garden" and it's LOW maintence and hers was a success. We spent approx. $150 on ours, LOTS of maintence (including 2 truck loads of dirt/soil), building the posts, and probally making our neighbors mad since it's on the outside of our fence, and all we grew were stupid 'ole weeds! TALL weeds, if you must know. Yes, I'm fully aware that weeds will continue to grow if you don't pick them. What's your point?

So, bottom line.... hommie over here is going to try to go Susan's route next year on my deck. You know, just grow a few things to see if it works. In a PLANTER nonetheless. Who would have thought it? Well, apparently Susan, that's who!

I'm impressed. I thought I would share this little tidbit in case anyone out there wants to have a garden, but doesn't want to go to the extreme measures of actually, well.... having a garden. Get yourself some long, plastic planters, some soil, some crazy 'ole plants, and there-ya-go. Hey, don't say I never taught you anything. And if you knew this would work before you read my blog, then just, ugh... go along with it, would ya?

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