Saturday, July 25, 2009

My kids are still sleeping...

and well, it's 12:10 in the afternoon. Are they my kids or what? :) Aside from them being WAY off their schedule from the houseboat trip, running here & there, playing hard, and spending the night with the cousins and going to bed late and getting up WAY too early, ...... we had a storm last night. Around 4:30am, I was awaken by a big thundery boom. Me, being the awesome pet owner that I am, got up out of bed to holler for Sadie, my cat who mingles around outside at nighttime and gets his butt kicked by "scaggly cat" every single night [more about him later]. The cat gets freaked in a storm, who could blame him? So what does that mean? Chrystal to the rescue.

I opened up the front door, which the wind was ever so strong, got a little wet due to the rain and kept holloring for my cat. In the meanwhile, the stupid cat was at the BACK DOOR, making me get wet for nothing. I came inside, then hear him meowing at the deck doors, so I went to let him in just to have this MASSIVE thunder go off a second before I opened the door which scared both of us half to death. Nothing like thinking you just got struck by lightening at 4:30am. As soon as the thunder went off Addi, (who was sleeping on the love seat, along with the other 2 on the couch)don't ask.. I told you our sleeping arrangments were all messed up JUMPED up off the love seat and was heading towards our bedroom. So I grabbed her hand, then SISSY wakes up, so off the 3 of us go... with the darn cat trailing behind, the big scaredy cat that he is. So, we all cram in mine and D's bed, the cat all cuddled up beside me, purring away. About 30min. later, here comes Aspen... the more the merrier, right? Needless to say, I got no sleep after that. I was kicked in places that I dare to mention (Sissy and Addi were at the foot of the bed, on MY side, but of course!), and I was crowed beyond imagine. So, they are still sleeping- except for Aspen who just mosied on here about 5min. ago. :) Lazy little punks!

Courtney had a slumber party at a friends house last night, so she should be strolling through the door any minute now.

I took the girls and their cousins (6 kids plus Chelcey & Courtney, who helped) to see Ice Age on Friday. It was cute. We were too ealry for the 3D version (I say early because we had just missed the one we were hoping to see. What ME, late? NEVER!!! :))... so we just saw the regular one. I want to take the girls to see "G-Force" this upcoming week, looks really cute.

Ok.. here comes Sis in her little froggie PJ's.. need to scram so I can feed my girls. :) I'll be back later to share pictures [will it EVER happen?].... I have big plans to get the girls room cleaned and organized today-- time to get rid of a lot of stuff they don't even need anymore. So, if I get it done..... I'll share pictures. :)

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