Sunday, July 12, 2009

The scaggly toe is broken- in TWO places!

Ok, so x-ray's have been taken to reveal that it's broken in not ONE place, but TWO places-- and the bone is barely hanging on for dear life. It's a pretty bad break. Sure, I've been making fun of him, giving him a hard time... I know what you're thinking, "So, does the fact that his toe is broken make you feel like a big 'ole heel?" Ugh, NO!, Umm.. does that surprise you? :) Besides, it's fun giving him a hard time. When we were getting the xray I came up with yet another pet name for him... Frankie. Why Frankie?.. because his toe is HUGE, SWOLLEN, and BLACK/PURPLISH in color and quite frankly, it reminds me of Frankinstein. :) I'm so funny, I know....:)

My new curtains on my kitchen/deck doors are UP and I can't stop admiring them... awwwh.. the little things in life that can make a girl happy. :) Well, then I had to go downstairs to my sewing area [would be nice if I actually sewed.. lol], to grab scaggly toe boy a needle to get the splinter out of Addison's foot [will she EVER learn WHY we wear shoes outside? *roll eyes BIG time*] and saw how TRASHED the basement is. Holly has been over here all day playing Barbies with the girls. You can't even SEE the floor. It would be different if it were all barbies, but they tore up one of my leather pillows that goes on my couch [S C R E A M!!!], and they pulled the stuffing out and it's all over the place. So, my "I'm so excited to see my curtains up" mood quickly changed to a "OMG, you have GOT to be kidding me" mood. My children are now downstairs cleaning. Serves the punks right! Still no batteries for the camera (getting ready to go in just a second, darn cat is out of food and he's getting ready to take off my arm [or the hoopty toe on D's foot, whichever is easiest to get to I suppose....] if I don't run to the store and get him fed soon. SO, I'll pick up some then.... I have pictures to share, people :)

Ok.. just wanted to share about D-mans toe. We are bailing on church tonight, feel bad but... D's not up for it. He's up for Mexican food though, and I'm all geared up for the next food network star at 9pm. OoOoooh yeah, baby. D is laying on the couch with his foot propped up, playing the Wii with Aspen [golf buddies].... I need to run up to the store and grab a few things :) See ya later!

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