Monday, July 13, 2009

Simple little day...

Very non-productive day today. We slept in until 11am [latest EVER, felt oh so good!]. Well, I was up at 8am when D was getting ready for work, but then Addi crawled in bed with Aspen & I (third night in a row Aspen's been in our bed), and the rest of us all slept in until 11am. Well, except miss sleepy pants Addi-- that girl slept until 12:30pm. She must have been zonked, so.. I let her sleep. :)

I did a little bit of cleaning today, girls played in the pool, I tanned and hit up TJ Max where I scored a cute little dress for $16.99. Same exact dress that I was eyeing at Dillards for $59, so I was doing the touchdown dance for sure! The straps don't have the adjustable thing on it, so the straps are too big but I figured I can just sew the straps to size and voila... good as new! I went in hoping to score a picture for our bathroom but no go, oh well... at least I found a dress :)

Nothing else too exciting. I think we're doing the house boat gig this weekend- still trying to work out all the details. So.. that's in the works. Other than that, we're all heading to bed- we have tutoring in the morning at 10am, so.. need to call it a day! Oh, watched 2 episodes of "Next Food Network Star" last night and ooooh yea, LOVED it! :) can't wait until next Sunday, *love* that show! Ok, need to ski-dattle. Oh, got some batteries at the store last night (go, me!) and snapped some shots of the new curtains & chairs.. will post those bad boys tommorow after we run around. See ya then.. have a good night all!

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