Sunday, July 12, 2009

Scaggly Toe, New Curtains, and Mr. Fire Starter

Today is a pretty laid back day. We had church this morning, then took the girls to fatty McDonalds [they should *really* stop making that non-digestable food- blah!], and now we're hanging curtains. Fun, eeh? I bought some silk panels (rust color)from JC Penny's last week when they were having their big home sale- got 'em sale for $13.95/ea from $40.00 which I was *quite* proud of (you know me, miss bargin gal that I am). I also found 2 tassles (to tie in the center of them) at Bog Lots for $3- thought that was a good deal, too. Well, we were all set to hang those bad boys up (trust me, I've been SO excited to hang these suckers you would think I was having a baby or something.. well, I take that back, I woudln't be excited then- but... rewind to 10 years ago, and yea.. that would explain my excitement level- I'm stoked!!!).. well anyways, our stupid deck doors are metal *which means* that the stupid screws won't go through. So, we'll see what happens. D thinks "he has it"... Mr. Hobbley himself. [yeah, he's hobbling around these days- that story next]. Anyways, I did move the scarf (chocolate brown) from my kitchen window to my laundry room (that window was bare, too!) and I replaced the kitchen one with a rust color panel that I really like. Another Big Lots find, five buck-a-roos peeps! Quite stoked about that one, too. It's a Penny's brand, sticker still attached regularly $35 (for a stinking PANEL of all things!), but.. it's coming together.

I also found 6 brown leather back chairs for our kitchen table last weekend which I'm really excited about- makes SUCH a difference from the funky 'ole "need to go!" chairs that we had at our table before. They were just wrong... so, glad to have these new ones! Makes SUCH a difference in our kitchen now. Once I have the panels up and my table runner, it will actually feel pretty put together after oh, 3 years of living here. :) Pictures coming soon.... here's the table runner that I'm wanting to get- matches our decor in our kitchen perfectly, but they only make it in a 72", I need a 104" (yes, a lot of people to feed don't ya know....), so.. I may have to find something else. I thought about buying two and sewing them together, but it's silk and well, I don't know if I want to go there or not. We'll see... anyways, here's the one I'm eyeing... isn't it delish? Yep, pretty fond of it myself.


Okay, now back to 'ole hobbly boy, D himself. Ya see, his brother & his wife just moved into a new house this past week. D helped them pack everything in the U-haul to have their glass piece to their entertainment center fall on his foot. Tragic, I know.. but you would think his entire FOOT had fallen off. This was what? Tuesday when it happened. I had to take him to the dr. because his toenail turned purple-ish (kinda happens when you have blood underneath the toenail, umm. right?) well, the dr. "drilled" a hole in his toenail and the way he was discribing it (I stayed in the car, laughing- yes, you would have too, trust me).. you would think that he drilled this BIG 'OLE HOLE in his toe. He got back in the car (hobbling) and you coudln't even SEE the hole (it was pin size, poeple..) I started laughing, asking where the magnifing glass was. Relax, it's my job in life to give Mr. D man a hard time, really.. it is. Why else would God bring the two of us together? See, my thoughts exactly. I'll spare you the part of the story where I had to take him to Urgent Care [ugh-hem] but they turned him down because they don't take our insurance anymore. The boy has been to that Urgent Care probally 5 times this year, and it's only July. Why WONDER they no longer take our insurance.. Anthem is probally all tapped out from all the "non-emergency" visits. :) Anyways, the boys toenail is WRONG, his two new nicknames are "scaggly" and "hobbly". He lays on his back, on the couch, thinking that he's dying. It's a freaking TOENAIL poeple, a TOENAIL. Sure, it might fall off- it's happened to me before, not a big deal-- and here's a shocker-- I didn't even need to go to the Dr. *gasp!*.... He limps around, making everyone do everything for him because of his big toe! Wait, now that I think about it... some things never change. It's the most craziest thing I've ever seen, and beleive me.. I've been with this man for 11 years, I've seen a lot. Anyways, we are going today to get an x-ray [yeah, I'm being serious here people!]. Stephanie, our friend from church, is an x-ray tech and she is going to x-ray it for free. So, we're heading that way in about 30min. I think his new nickname should be "Drama D".... Men..... I'll let ya know how it goes. I'm hoping to find some camera batteries to share photos tonight, trust me- it'll be worth the chuckles. :)

So, Courtney has a new boyfriend. She's never met him before, he lives about 20min. from where we live (she met him through her friend from church who spent the night the other night). Well, Mr. loverboy started texting her on MY phone and his screenname is "fire starter". D has been giving Courtney a REALLY hard time about him, saying in a whisper voice "fire starter"... I told him maybe he needs to borrow the movie "Fire Proof" :) We're having fun with it. Apparently, he got his name because (brace yourself) he tried to catch his arm on fire. Umm, yea... KEEPER MAYBE?

Chelcey gets home from the beach on Thursday.. she's been ready to come home for awhile now. We're trying to plan a houseboat trip this weekend before Sky, D's nephew, goes back to CO. I'm sure Chelc will be *thrilled* with the fact that she'll be leaving again... once she gets home, but.. what can ya do? Plus, her and Court are suppose to be going with their dad for a week next soon, too. Chelcey has been going through "Allan withdrawls" (her new squeeze)... so, she's excited to get back home.

I'm looking into a new program for Savannah & Addi, Minds in Motion. It comes highly recommended from a friend so I'm calling about it on Monday. We've been doing a tutoring (not accedemic tutoring though, it's suppose to help your mind process things differenly....) but I think I'm going to call and let her know that we're not goin to come back, maybe during school- we'll see. It's $80/wk and honestly, it's for 45 min. each session and I just don't see the girls getting anything out of it. Sure, programs take time.. but I don't know, just not feeling it. We'll see.... still undecided on where Savannah is going to school.. in FIVE WEEKS, mind you.... so we *really* need to figure it out. I just honestly can't see her in 2nd grade at CAL.. it's very advanced and she's still at an early first grade level.. and the thought of repeating first grade
just isn't something that we feel will work. She learns differently, it's not that she's "slow" and repeating a grade will help.. she processes things differently. She memorizes math problems verses "problem solving" them, ya know? Anyways, we'll see what happens.

Ok, need to bail! I'll share photos tonight if I can scrounge up some batteries. Trust me, after the xray gig this afternoon, I'll do my best to share :)

Oh, if you must know what I'm looking at right now (so wish I had the camera), I'm sitting at my kitchen table and Aspen has a long peice of ribbon, where she tied it to a large plastic bag and she has it hanging & swaying down from the balcony with Chewie flying around inside. All I can see is Chewie [Aspen's favorite stuffed chiwawa who goes *everywhere* with her), flying through the air in a plastic bag. It is a SIGHT, let me tell you! Oh my, I am SO getting camera batteries today.. my life is too entertaining NOT to share with you guys. :)

See ya!

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