Saturday, July 11, 2009

Photogragher Photos..

The cermony photos from the photogragher at up. I hate about 3/4 of the ones of me which really bites, but.. there are some good shots in the bunch. I love the one of D with the 3 girls, I think that's my favorite. I also love the candid shots of us laughing :) I'm just not into the whole "posed" shots, too structured IMO, but... ya have to do 'em. :)

Why do I hate the ones of me? Um, you'll soon see....I *hate* my arms [big, manly things that they are *gag*], throw the arms together with a poofy dress that makes me look wide in a lot of the shots, coupled with a few where my face is puffy due from being so darn hot and there ya go... should explain why I don't like them. :) Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with them- the photogragher did a great job, I just think I look like a porkly man. But... whatever. (lol)....

Okay, here's how to view them:
Go to

enter the family/children/wedding site and click on clients. Then enter the name schulte in all lowercase. That should get you in. If not, LMK.

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