Monday, October 19, 2009

Skating Party Pictures

A few weeks ago the girls had their school PTO skating party-- they always have such a great time :) Aspen fell no less than 50 times, but she just laughed and got back up. Talk about a girl BRUIZED the next day. There are also a few random shots that I found on my camera from when the girls were playing and got a hold of my camera. :) Made me chuckle..

Here's Savannah, the master-pro-skater of the bunch! I think she fell down once, tops! She's really good. Funny, because she's the least coordinated out of the bunch. :)

Sissy and her buddy Lauren, who she misses from her old school

Sissy's friends were soooo happy to see her :) made me smile.


Aspen falling :)

"It's all good, Mom" :) LOL

Little addi

And.. she's down.

Okay, this is where is gets funny. Aspen was apparently on TOP of Addi, making her face stretch out, while Savannah decided to take the picture. NICE.

The weirdo cat of mine... check out those back legs. Such a wack job!

Please note: A child did not get harmed (lol). The girls were playing "horsey", using Addi's hair. She informed me after I SAW the photo that they were just playing (hence all the BLANKETS all over my floor) and she was laughing... no one got hurt, my kids are just weirdos. Why wonder the cat fits in so well. :)

Aspen pulling Addi around with her leg (don't ask, I sure don't....) :) lol

I stocked up on new playdough and playdough cutters a few weeks ago, they played for HOURS (quite play, too... LOVED it!!!) :) and here is Aspen's Elephant masterpeice :)

I'll resize the ones from the field trips later tonight... :)

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