Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh, Happy day...

.. I think my mind is thinking that because school is so close to getting out, that it's okay to hit the snooze button, oh... a ka-ZILLION times in the morning. whooops. Hey, what can ya do, ya know? When that inner voice is saying "SLEEP, woman.. you need SLEEP", well.. I tend to listen. And when that voice starts screaming, "You FOOL... get a move on it!", then I pop out of bed, and rush around like a manaic. Thankfully clothes are already laid out (shew!).. I made bacon & egg buscuits for breakfast (don't ask, sometimes I think I am glutten for punishment & always take on more than I should... lol), fixed the girls hair, packed lunches, packed snacks... threw on my lovely sunglasses to hide the "morning after" make-up and off we went..... no traffic, so hey.. it's all good. :)

After I dropped the clan off to school, I drove to the track and did my thing. Awh, so beautiful out today. And the bonus was there was only one other woman going around the track so it was QUITE... which is what I love. I sprinted around that sucker about 5 times, and ran around it twice. I felt AWESOME when I was done. love it when those endorphins are just tingling through your body making you smile. :) Then, I had to ruin it the "you're doing a GOOD thing to your bode, girl!".. by hitting up the leg-tanner at the tanning bed. Hey, it's suppose to be like 80 degrees tommorow.. and beautiful out... and well, I'd LIKE to wear a dress so ugh, cut me some slack, ok?

The husband & I went to Big Lots yesterday to pick up the new outdoor furniture set. So we get there, and I took him to the patio furn. section to show him the set that I had bought. He loved it, just like I did, however... my concern was the chairs weren't too sturdy. It was like a heavy black plastic I want to say.. heavier than normal, but plastic none-the-less. We both sat down on them & agreed... it probally wouldn't last long. SO, we decided to get the other set. The "new set" is off-white with grey pasilies.. eeh.. not my first choice,'s steel, very strudy and not bad. After we left there, with the chairs,we went to Garden ridge & found a really cool (and BIG) bright red umbrella. I LOVE red, in case you don't know. :) AND, I found bright red outdoor throw pillows that will look smashing with the chairs. :) We didn't buy either of them [yet...].. maybe this weekend. :) we were just "browsing" because we were actually in there to find a TABLE. Yeah, we didn't end up buying the table at Big Lots because the table that matched the chairs we got was a small round table... the only OTHER table that they had (with the first set that I had bought) was retangle & big (what we wanted).. but with a BLACK trim. The husband thought it was no big deal.. but hey, he's male, what do you expect? AND.. the table that actually goes with the chairs that we got is round & small. We entertain quite a bit in the summertime.. lots of BBQ's at this house, so we want something bigger. So I'm on the hunt.. and well, if I don't find a retangle dark GREY trimmed table, ... we'll venture BACK to Big Lots & snag up the round one. Hey, what can ya do? I did buy a round bucket planter to plant flowers in.. I'm excited. AND, we scored 4 tiki sticks that we are going to tie on each banister on the deck... I'm excited about our deck. :) I'll def. snap some pictures when we have it all set up. And as far as those stupid white plastic chairs that are out there now that pinch my butt when I sit down on them? Umm.. "SEE YA!"... go pinch someone else's but, mister. This chick doesn't have to deal with you anymore. :)

D is in the middle of a HUGE remodel at the office. They are expanding right now, so they are building out the entire other side. Oh boy, what an ordeal. The boy has been working from 8am-9pm each night.. but he doesn't work on the expansion until 5pm. This will enable them to have 5 more offices, another kitchen/bathroom, 4 cubicles, and storage. They are also moving the boardroom on the new side and are adding a trey ceiling. He's excited... God has been really opening up a lot of oppourtinites for his company, it's been awesome to watch. I haven't been to pysched about the long hours.. sigh... but, what can ya do? The boy let me buy outdoor furniture... I can suck it up until the expansion is complelte, don't ya think? :)

Savannah has a playdate after school today. I've mentioned before that she liked to make lists.. she's a "list maker", that one.. I could learn a thing or two from her, let me tell ya. Anyways.. she made up her list of what they will be doing at Clara's today. (Just like Savannah to think she's going to call the shots & do what SHE wants to do over there. Mmm-hmmm.. just like her father, that one.). Cracks me up. She's out of school tommorow because of Ky Derby.. yes, it's THAT big of a deal around here.. all the "non-christian" schools let out. :) But my other 4 children? Not so lucky.. suck it up, girls... what's one more day? :)

Aspen has a slumber party tommorow night. Oh boy. If you knew this kid you would know that doing sleep overs is not her thing. Oh sure, SHE loves it. She's quite the party animal & will stay up until WEE hours into the night, then get up EXTRA early the next morning (that's always a rule with sleep overs.. the parents want those kids outta there the next day after the long night they endured. lol).. well, then yours truly gets to expierence a not-so-pleasant little girl for daaaays. Beleive me, if it was just one day of grouchiness & her needing to catch up on her sleep, hey.. I could hang. However, not so with this one. She stays grouchy for at least 2-3 days and she is NOT a fun one when she gets like that. BUT, I suck it up & endure. Hey, what do you expect?

So we scored some FREE grainte for our kitchen. "Umm, WHAT did she just say?" Yeah.. grainte.. FREE. Darryl & them took over a new hotel here in Louisville, just down the street actually- Staybridge Suites- and the owner had just done a remodel of the whole hotel. They had TONS of grainte leftover & he told Darryl if he gets it off the property, he can use it for the remodel at the office. This owner is now also a partner with Darryl in the hotel company... ANYWAYS, there just happens to be just enough for us to do our entire kitchen. I say "entire", but keep in mind.. this house has to have the SMALLEST kitchen on the face of the planet. When I moved in I thought, "oh boy, that kitchen is too small!".. then, my stellar husband reminded me that (at the time....) I didn't cook. We ate out ALL.THE.TIME. So then I pulled it together & thought, "Yeah, true story... I can hang with it!". Fast forward and we RARELY eat out. I'm in the kitchen ALL.THE.TIME. I enjoy it. my schedule is SO less crazy than when we moved in (I had the magazine at the time....), so now.. well, the kitchen wigs me out. TOO small. If more than 2 kids are in there with me at the same time it gets tight. No lie. And when the husband & I cook together? That friend? Anixity? Yeah, she shows up too and you know what they say, threes a crowd, so.. it doesn't last long. The kitchen is just ONE of the reasons we have been talking about moving for quite a while now. BUT.. the GOOD NEWS is that now we can change out the funky green formica countertiops with brownish black grainte.. it goes SO well with our dining room decor, so I'm excited. I want to add a few drop down lights over the breakfast nook and voila! Instant RE-SELL upgrade. :) Yea.. we want to move if you didn't get that hint. :) Anyways.. don't know how good the grainte will look, they aren't in full peices.. they have to be put together, but apparently the guy that will be installing it is "thee man", according to D. SO.. the grainte is being delivered today & will sit in that LOVELY, cluttery garage of mine (ugh.. that place wigs me out!), until we install it. Hoping we can do it next week, we shall see. Wondering how that will be with my wallpaper in here.. you know, tearing out the formica? Hmmm... could get interesting. I'll keep ya posted. :)

Okay.. need to do a quick dash around the house, clean out a few toliets, sweep the floor, spray some good-smelly stuff so it appears that I did my housewife duty today. Pffft.. yeah right. :) Enjoy your day everyone... I know I sure am. Have I MENTIONED how GORGOUSE it is outside today? LOVE it...

:) Ta-ta...

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