Monday, April 26, 2010

Umm, HUH?

Before I leave to pick my kids up from school, I thought I'd share something funny that happened the other day.

Some of you may know that we go out on the boat quite often in the summer time. It's our family past time and allows us to spend quality time with Darryl. Some of you may also be aware that Mr. D is very "laid back", "non-chaulant", and jumps before he thinks. He's the type of person where he doesn't really think about things that could happen.... he just does whatever. THIS being said, I have learned to be the complete opposite of this, you know.. trying to balance our lives out a little bit more. What once attracted me to him, now scares the.. well.. you get the idea, out of me. SO, being with him for so long has brought me a new friend: My friend's name is Anxiety. I don't LIKE this friend, but for some reason... it comes with the terrority.

Anyways.. every time we're on the boat, my husband, who drives the thing, would rather look at ME than what's in front of him. I ESP. love it when we first take off and the front of the boat is up higher until you get going. Yeah, you will find him smiling at me.. NOT looking a head. Freaks.Me.OUT. I don't know WHY that would freak me out, I mean.. shouldn't the person driving be focusing on the on-coming boats & possibly people in the lake? Or the ROCK WALLS that we could CRASH INTO? I know, not a big deal or anything. Just our LIVES at stake. And yes, there have been a few close calls, though he would never admit it. I try to remain calm.. I try to be fun & smile back at him, because I KNOW he's loving the cool breeze in his hair, and he feels, well.. carefree himself. :) I TRY to let him do his thing, but it never works. My insides are screaming "DO SOMETHING YOU FOOL! SPEAK UP AND TELL THAT BOY TO PULL IT TOGETHER & FOCUS!" That friend of mine,[Anxiety] shows up & my mouth has to just LET IT OUT! Yes, it's true.. I don't hold it back. I'm very verbal when it comes to feelings (just ask my husband), and well.. FEAR is a feeling the last time I checked. SO.. I get on to him quite a bit, "PLEASE watch in front of you".. "Here comes a boat!".. "Watch out for those skiers".. "Please don't go so fast"... okay, you get the idea. I have fun, I do... when there are no other boats around or if we're swimming in the lake. But the whole "Darryl driving the boat" thing? Yeah.. doesn't allow me any freedom in this mind of mine. I always have to think of all the things that HE should be thinking about, but isn't. I love it when my brain goes in overdrive and he just sits there smiling, looking all around.. just taking it all in, when my insides are bursting because there is no reason rules on the ROAD shouldn't apply on the water. I mean, can I get an Amen here?... To put it mildly.. the boy FREAKS.ME.OUT. My children are young. They are my responsiblity. I always look out for their best interest. I'm a mom, that's what I do. Now, Darryl... [aka: the dad]... thinks it's all about FUN, not responsiblity. Mind you, I think that's why God put us together.. for me to balance him out (big smile there). Seriously, I was never uptight on a boat *until* I had children. When I'm on the boat with Darryl alone (aka: our date last summer.. :)), I was fine. No worries. If he runs into an on-coming boat, hey... hopefully I survive. I'm a good swimmer. My kids? Umm.. sorry, not willing to take that chance. So, our family outtings on the boat are "fun"... but mainly more fun for everyone else. I told him if he could just be a "itsy bitsy" more responsible & just pay attention to the "water road", if you will... I would stop freaking out so much. But, has the boy learned in, oh.. 3 years now, since we've had the boat? Nope. Notta chance. Ya know, I never have had much luck changing that boy, what's up with that? :)

Anyways.. everytime we're on the boat, I say to my children at least a hundred times... "Make sure your seat belts are on!". Umm, huh? Then I will correct myself, "I MEAN, your LIFE JACKETS!". It happens every time. I ALWAYS call their stupid lifejackets, "Seat belts". I call them seat belts when they are wearing the life jackets, or I will call them that as we are getting ready to pack up for the boat. Maybe it's this scattered brain from the gift of anxiety that my husband has given me. My brain just can't function properly, who knows. It's a joke in our family though, because honestly, I don't think I've EVER called the things [lifejackets] their right name at the appropriate time. I'm just weird like that.

Fast forward to the other morning. It was POURING down rain outside, and I was driving my girls to school. Out of the blue, not 3 minutes after leaving our house, I pipe up and ask, "Is everyone wearing their life jackets!?.. Umm, HUH?????...

This brain? Fried.

I think it's the husband...

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