Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Simple, Little things in life....

A few random thoughts from me today because I've really been thinking a lot on the little things in life that sometimes we don't spend enough time thinking about, or the simple things that we sometimes overlook. The little things that make us smile on the inside... here are just a few things in my life that do just that:

- A handmade picture from Addi that has a picture of me & her, holding hands with smiles on both of our faces. This melts my heart.. probally why she draws them so often.

- Aspen kissing me on my cheek *all.the.time* She's gotten quite mushy lately and I love it. She always kisses me, then rubs my arm so gently and says "Little guy".. So cute & just so her.

- Watching geese fly in pairs. Have you ever noticed that they always fly with a partner? I think God designed them that way... two is always better than one. We have A LOT of them around here, so when I look up and see them flying together, in pairs, it makes me smile.

- Dogs wagging their tales going around the track. You can always tell when a dog is just so happy & content & loving life. I eat this up because it just makes my heart smile. You can tell which dogs are "serious" and which ones are just plain 'ole goofy.. I like the goofy ones.

- Courtney coming up to me last night in the kitchen and just hugging me. Our relationship has came so far from a time that I was really worried about how the two of us would grow together. We are there, and I'm so thankful and blessed that through all the fighting & attitude last year... God found a way for her to see me differently, as I did her. We laugh now. We play around now. We dance together now. and... the random hugs make me smile.

- Hearing the perfect song that God wants me to hear.... just that little peck of encouragement that I may need.. with just the right words about just the right situation. I love that God can speak to us in the most simple, yet profound ways.

- Hearing a babies laugh.... so very contaigous & precious.

- A clean car.

- The feeling of not stressing about the way that I look anymore. I can simply throw my hair up in a clip & still feel pretty..even with multi-toned hair because of how I feel on the INSIDE... through my OWN set of eyes. It's very liberating. I like this new "me" that I have become.

- When my husband reaches over & puts his arm around me in bed & holds my hand.. esp. after a very "off" day between the two of us. It's a reminder that even though we may not have all the answers to figure things out.. we have one another... and there's that amazing thing called "hope" and "faith".

- I love that I sing at church like no one else is around. I'm there to worship God & when I'm doing so, nothing else matters. Yes, I can sing off-key.. but God so doesn't care. I can be "me".. totally from the inside, with no worries at all because Jesus accepts me.. off-tuned & all.

- I love that I'm taking care of my body. I love exercise and oddly enough, I have learned to LOVE & CRAVE water. This makes me happy.

- I love the weekly trips that my girls & I take to the public library. This brings us closer together.. we'll all cuddle up in my bed, surrounded by PILES of books, and read until our heart desires. I have truly loved these moments with my girls.

.. there really are so many things that make you stop & just smile. It really is about the simple things.. I know I've been a slacker in blogging, I really miss it and will start making the effort to post more often. I always have so much to say (shocker, I know...) and blogging was always such a good thing for me.. the whole sharing & getting my thoughts out there. So, though I said "I'll be back" weeks ago (ummm.. stop!!!).. I really will be. Now think about all those "simple things" in life & eat them up!



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kitkat51 said...

And this my dear, is why I love you so much,