Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy little weekend...

We had a really good, yet on-the-go weekend, but.. is that anything new? :) Friday I went on a field trip with Addi's class to go see the Little Mermaid Play. Oh my, was it cute!!! It was at Sacred Heart Acedmy (all girl catholic school), but the play itself was put on by this production that travels around. The orchastra was AMAZING & seeing this play (so realistic.. they did SUCH a great job!) made me want to start getting out there & seeing more Artsy stuff. I LOVE orchatra music, as well as plays.. SO, I'm making a point to exposing me & my girls to them more. We had a great time.

I had to leave at the play break because I had volentered to do lunch room duty back at the girls school that day and that started at 10:50pm. So, I rushed there and squirted ranch dressing for the kids pizza, helped open milks, passed out napkins.. it really is fun because you ge to walk around & talk to all the little kids. I know more than half of them anyways :) Some call me "Mrs. Schulte", but a lot of them refer to me as "Addi's Mom" or "Aspen's Mom".. it's so cute. This one little girl, oh my.. she was SO helarious. She kept raising her hand for me to come over.. you know the type (lol).. so I opened her jello, then gave her a napkin.. complimented her on her good manners, so then she REALLY started raising her hand & then using the best manners she knew. After about 5 times she then asks, "Are you new around here?".. cracked me up! Kids..... After the 4th graders make their way to the lunch room, the volenteers are free to go. So, I sat down with Aspen & her friends and enjoyed lunch with her. :) I had scheduled a parent/teacher meeting w/ Addi's teacher right afterwards, so... my morning/afternoon was pretty back to back. Then, after I picked the girls up from school.. I took them to Diary Queen for Ice Cream (they had a big b1G1 blizzard sale this week) :) and celebrated that "YAY!!! It's the WEEKEND!". (always worth celebrating, don't ya think?)

Saturday was interesting. Darryl woke up early to go to the office.. they are remodeling, so the boy woke me up at like 7:50am.. typical on the only day we get to sleep in. I get up, do my thing... then finally around 11:20, Savannah comes down from her room (just woke up.. lazy turd.. really, I'm just jealous.. lol).. and says, "Mommy.. Clara's Birthday party!".. I'm all, "Um, what ABOUT Clara's bday party?".. "It's TODAY!".. Me: "WHAT???".. I snag the invitation from the fridge just to see that "Oh, wonderful.. it's now 11:30pm, and the party started at 11am.. half way across town!". First, I tried to talk the kid into just buying a gift and taking it to her on Monday. Oh no, that wasn't going to work. So.. I told her to get dressed while I rushed to throw my nappy self together :) and.. off we went. Thankfully Chelcey was already at Kroger (love that she drives now :))... and she picked us up a car where we just gave the little girl money. Hey, it works. I called the dad who was all "No problem, come on over.. the kids are having a blast!". in the midst of us getting ready, Pam called (Leah's Mom.. Aspen's friend), and invited Aspen over for a playdate.. to play, go to church, then out to eat. THANKFULLY Checley took Aspen over (shew!)... we rushed out the door, and arrived around 12:10pm at Savannah's party, which ended at 1pm.. nice.. but, all were happy! :)

Addi & I had 30min. to kill, so we hit up Big Lots (LOVE that store!!).. if you happen to have a big lots nearby you SO need to go. Seriously. Yes, it may look a little shady on the outside (ours do around here.. lol), but dude.. I'm telling you.. MAJOR finds in that place! I've been eyeing some outdoor furniture for awhile now, but just didn't want to shell out that much money. BUT, I found an awesome 5pc set for $200, so I snatched it.. of course, after consulting with the husband. :) It's still at the store though, we need a truck to pick it up.. hopefully today. I'm just excited because FINALLY.. I'll have somewhere to sit on my deck other than a hoopty white plastic chair that is cracked & pinches my rear end every time I sit on it.. :) But.. they also have this awesome BIG picture frame that I've been eyeing at Kohls... it's $199 at Kohls.. but at Big Lots? $30! Oh yeah, booya! Major smiles there... I haven't got it yet though.. prob. when I pick up the furniture. :) But They have the BEST deals there... I found a cool (big) picture frame for $15 a few weeks ago that will hand in my kitchen... it matches perfectly & the retail sticker is $50.... I'm tellin' ya.. Big lots is DA BOMB... lots of great finds in there. Go check that place OUT.

Courtney's friend, Selena, was planning on coming over around 2pm to spend the night. SO.. when we got home, she was there and then it was time to venture out to the mall. Needless to say, it was a BUSY little day, but fun. :)

Sunday was church that morning, then Addi had a swimming party to go to at the YMCA at 2pm. SO.. I got to breath in lots of fun clorine (very healthy, might I add.. my eyes were on FIRE!), and visit with my Mom friends. :) We had fun.. and Addison had a BLAST. You couldn't get her off the slide for anything. :) She loved it. After we came home, I then tanned (so needed....), then headed to the grocery store to get that out of the way.. and, to actually be able to feed my FAMILY.. dude, we were out of EVERYTHING. My kids need to stop eating so darn much, I'm dropping oer $300-$350/WEEK at the store.. Yes, I'm buying more fresh fruits/veggies and healthy stuff, WHICH.. by the way.. I really think should be LESS expensive since, I don't know.. it grows from the freaking GROUND???.. but anyways, we'll save that rant for another day.

So, that's our weekend in a nutshell. The girls & I were hoping to go to the library, have another picnic at the park, & just lay on a blanket.. read some books.. then let the girls play. HOWEVER, the weather has been crappy.. rainy/stormy and cold.. so, didn't quite work out as planned. Oh well, there's always next time.. :)

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