Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chicken Pox you're NOT welcomed here!


So I find out yesterday that a little boy in Aspen's class (who she sits RIGHT next to, might I add....) was sent home for chicken pox. Apparently the little boy was CHASING the kids in his class on the playground, touching them with his arm (which was covered in spots). Aspen was all, "Dont' worry Mom.. I out-ran him!"... little does she understand that there is a 2wk incibation period & that from the start of that little boy running fever (which would have been est. last Tuesday) then he was contaigious. uuuugh. A little boy who spent the night with the "chicken pox" boy on FRIDAY is now running fever, and was sent home yesterday. Reagon, another girl in Aspen's class, was sent him with a fever yesterday as well. I am SO scared.

Aspen & Savannah have been vaccinated w/ chicken pox vaccine, but there is a 50/50 chance of contracting it when coming in contadt with an infected person during the "contagious phase". Addi has NOT been vaccinated. I think about ALL the kids in that school that have passed this little boy, ate lunch with him, recess, etc. etc. I called the school & apparently it's a divorce situation where the dad had the little boy all week and just chalked it up to being chiggers. greeeeat. :(

So now, we wait.
and pray.
and pray some more.

I will be back to blog soon.. I'm behind. Lots to share (and pictures, too). :)

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