Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hello from the slacker....

Awh.. I'm over here thinking of all the things that I should be doing, yet I continue to do everything but. Nice. You know, the basics..

1) like showering & getting ready (that's always a good thing!)

2) putting my dishes away from last night (they are clean people, relax)..

3) vaccumming the new rug that we bought for our living room that needs to be taken back today (thought it would be a good match, but ugh.. not so much.. too much green action going on)

and yes, as you can see, the CAT really-really likes the new rug, hence why I now have to VACCUME the thing before taking it back. The cat? Quite the pain lately...

4) ...getting the OTHER rug that we thought would be a BETTER match ready to take back.. don't know WHAT we were thinking on THAT one. (yeah, are you seeing a pattern here?).

But.. I decided hey, I haven't blogged this week so why not just pop in for a quick little "hello?". I know, did I really just say the word "quick?"..yeah, I must me on glue.

Life is good over this way. Tonight my Sister in law Susan & I are taking Chelcey & Courtney to go see "Wicked!", the musical. We are all SO pumped & excited. :) You know what that means, D-man is on babysitting duty... hope the kids don't get lost or something. JUST kidding, JUST kidding.... :)

Tommorow is field day at Aspen & Addi's school. I signed up to volenteer ALLLLL day. *yawn*. I'm wishing now that I would have just signed up for a 1/2 day because I'm going to miss out on watching my girls do all the fun field day events. Hoping maybe I can weasle my way over to a few here & there.. hey, worth a shot. :) I NEED to make that camera strap that I've been wanting to make forEVER.. like, TODAY, because I really want a super-cute camera strap tomorow. :) I found a GREAT "how to" in case any of you want to whip one up, too. I'll let ya know how it goes... Instructions on how to make a Camera Strap. I also found a good youtube video (youtube is how I taught myself how to sew & how to thread the crazy machine.. lol.. hey, it worked people, don't judge me!) :)Check out the video here.

I'm trying to figure out Saturday & how it's all going to work. I have a woman's luncheon at church from 12-2pm that they are counting on me being there. AND Miss Addi (social butterfly!) has another birthday party to attend at the zoo from 1-2:30pm. D might end up just taking her, we will see. She doesn't want to miss it though because at the zoo parties they have their own little party room & they bring in different zoo animals for the kids to pet... it's really cool.. :) I swear we've had a birthday party (or two...) every single weekend for the last 5wks straight. Big party goers over this way, don't ya know. Last weekend Addi had a "Bead Party" at "Beadlings", this cute little bead shop up in Middletown. It was really cute & Addi LOVED her little braclet that she made. Notice I said "loved".. D was wrestling with her the other day, you know.. doing the "dad stuff" of being a little too rough, and then whamo! The braclet broke. She cried. He tried to touch her shoulder, ans shrugged away. Oh, was she MAD! I need to call the shop to see what I can do to fix it. The girls & I are going to take a bead class there this summer, looks really cute & I LOVE braclets, so it will give us something to do. Here's some shots from last weekend.

Little buddies...

Addi's little braclet (the one in back, she had worn another one as well.. lol)

Addi & Annabelle....

Addi & Maddie.. the birthday girl.

Sis came along to the party with us. She & I oohed & awwed over all the pretty colored beads. (and) the girl had to score herself a new American Doll outfit that a lady handmakes & sells in the store. SUPER cute, but really.. did Savannah really need more doll clothes? Note to self: JUST SAY NO!

Totally digged the lights in this place. The owner said she got them from Pier 1 a few years ago. Thinking I need to check eBay... me likey. :)

Beads, beads, and more beads....

I took the girls to get their hair cut the other night. BIG mistake with Aspen. She was the one begging to get her bangs cut.. straight across, mind you. She's had side swept bangs since the beginning of the school year. I KNEW she would hate straight across bangs.. but come on Mom, she wanted her hair to look like Demi Lavoto's, don't ya know. I begged her.. I pleaded with her.. I told her on MANY occiasions on the way TO the hair salon, "Aspen, Mommy KNOWS you.. you are not going to be happy with it. Let's just leave it alone & think about it some more, okay?".. Oh NO, Mom.. we can't have THAT. So, we went. They cut. She cried. Yes, I knew it would happen. I even told D BEFORE they cut it, "Mark my word, she's going to cry & hate everything about it!"... Hmmm, I wonder if the kid will listen to me next time? I personally think she's adorable. She came home, messed with it forEVER.. and then decided that she still hated it. I knew yesterday, first day of letting her friends see it, would be the deciding factor. Her friends response? "They all hate it, Mom. They said I look like I'm a kindergardner!". Nice. Way to build her up there, friends. Geesh. SO, she came home, googles how to make your bangs grow (I promise I don't make this stuff up....) and decided eating peanut butter might just do the trick. Hey, worst case.. the kid will be packed with plenty of protein, right? As for Addi & Savannah... we just trimmed the hair. Nothing too serious, just the way I like it. Tommorow Courtney goes in... she's wanting to do something a little different with the bangs. Lets hope all goes well.... this family & hair? Um, just doesn't seem to work out very well. Pictures of "the bangs" coming soon. The kid just HATES having her picture taken these days (Aspen...).

We finally caved a few weeks ago & got the girls a tampoline.. they LOVE it. Sure, Addi has fallen off once (she was climbing AROUND the thing on the outside of the net, don't ask....), and sure my children complained of BACK problems for days (ie. ie. ie), but hey... great fun don't ya know.. Actually, they are really enjoying it. I haven't gotten any shots of them jumping yet (but).. I DID just find a few of Addi jumping (thanks to Courtney....) on my camera a few minutes ago so I thought I'd share :) awh, good times.. good times.

School is almost OUT & this makes me VERY (very!) happy. I'm SO looking forward to the lazy days of summer... Sissy gets out on Thursday, half day... and her sisters all get out at 3pm on Friday. THis will be their first FULL day of the last day of school since I can remember.. (making up a snow day!). I still can't beleive that it's already the end of school. Honestly, it just seemed that this year went by SO fast. Aspen is going to be a 4th grader..... it just doesn't seem possible! And Chelcey.. a SENIOR! I don't even want to THINK about it....

Okay.. lots of pictures to share over the weekend. Some new ones, some that I have already shared on Facebook. BUT.. it's now 11am, and I need to get in there & throw myself together. The husband is suppose to come home for lunch (which never happens....) today & then wants to take these rugs back in hope to find a different one. Personally, I would rather wait until the weekend (but).. the boy has it on his mind, so.. better just get it done while he's thinking about it. Enjoy your weekend everyone. :)

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