Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bootcamp Torture & Randomness

I was bound & determined to make it to work-out class on Thursday, Boot-camp, if you must know. I say this because it is a sheer miracle that I'm still alive to even talk about it. You see, I use to take "Boot-Camp" class awhile ago, was challenging, but not that hard at all. So, after the week I've had, I thought.. "I need it, let's do this thing!". Class started at 9:30am, I needed to leave the house at 9:15am. Benny didn't wake up until late, so that threw me way off! I was rushing around like crazy... had to take care of him- Breakfast, pills- let Sammy out, clean up the kitchen & do a quick clean of the first level before everyone came over. Darryl's sister has been in town all week, and we had a full day of people coming over this day, so.. I knew I had to have the house ready "just in case". I swear I got my work-out in before I even left the house, sister was running around like a mad-woman! I was just getting ready to leave the house, running late, it was 9:20 at this point, when Ben asked me to get him something. I kept telling myself "You can do this, you can do this! Get it done, then get out the door!" As you will read further on, I tend to give myself quite a few pep-talks in this head of mine. Hey, it works!. I managed to get it done and made it to class just 4min. late. They had just started, so I thought to myself, "Shew! You made it, you're just a little late, you GOT this! Let's get it ON!" ah, little did I know.....

There was only 1 open spot in class.. of course it was up front. great.... I look around, see what equipment everyone else has while they were already jumping, already engaged in class. It took me a good 5min. to get everything-- and it was slim pickings on the equipment since the class was so full. The lightest weights left were 5 pounders. Next up was the 10lb weights. The lightest medicine ball that was left was a 10lber.... at this point, I thought.. "eeh, not looking good- but, we got this!" hahahahah... yes, clearly I was in a "rushed-lunatic" mode because I just wasn't thinking all. First let me start by saying I have really good endurance. I can hang with the best of them, heck.. I can out-run, out-hang my own children. I can run and run and run, and it takes me awhile to get tired. When I work out, I never-ever quit... ever. I push myself, which.. is pro bally why my endurance is so good. However, girlfriend instructor should be a REAL bootcamp sergant because homie didn't let up... at ALL. We were a million miles per second, rocking it out in every direction. I coudln't even attempt to explain what we did during this hour class, because I was panting so darn hard and beggin' for my mama, that I coudln't even tell you! It was all a blur. I just remember her yelling over me and me falling to the ground after my 30th push-up, saying.. "You're killing me!" Everyone else was panting and moaning too, so.. don't think I was a wimp! This class was HARD!!!! We worked every inch of our bodies... she pushed us so hard.. never let up. We had 2 water breaks for a mere 10 sec. each, and you were so out of breath that you could barely even drink the stuff! When she said, "Grab your light weights", everyone else was sporting 2 to 3lb weighs. Me, being the late girl in the class, was working with 5lbers. aaaaaah, the pain! BIG difference when you're doing arm presses... 50 of them. I wanted to die! Then, "grab your "Medium weights!". That would be 5 to 7lber's for everyone else, 10 pounders for this chick. Curl me up in a ball and just shoot me already, would ya!? Here I am in the front row.. with a packed class, I couldn't look like I was a first time wimp! I moaned, I about died.. but I tried to hang. Didn't look the prettiest in the mirror, that I will say... that form of mine was a hot mess, but dude.. what the heck can ya do? I got dizzy at one point & thought I was going to die. But in my mind I kept telling myself, "YOU CAN DO HARD!" because I know myself, I *can* do hard! In ALL aspects of life.. and this was no different!

Just when I thought we were safe, homegirl instructor told us to grab our medium weights, me.. grabbing my "light weights" of 5lbs, I was HURTING already!.. and we headed out to the gym. Hell, I like to call this class. It was the longest hour of When I left that class, my face was RED, I was POURING sweat, I was still gasping for air, & everything on me hurt, already! BUT.. I made it! I DID HARD, and you know what? Sister is going BACK to this crazy-butt-kicking-class on Thursday even though I know what will be waiting for me. Today is Saturday and every single muscle in my body still hurts... but you know what that means? All that butt-kicking worked! And if I keep kicking some serious butt, hell or not, the results will be worth it. Hard stuff makes you stronger.... it builds endurance.. challenges you to push yourself harder than normal.. and then you can walk away & know, without question...I can do hard!. So hard... look out, here I come!

Thursday afternoon was a complete zoo around my house. We had So many people in & out all day, at one point when both of Darryl's sisters were here with their 4 kids, I had to retreat to my bedroom & have a venting session with my husband who was at the office at the time. I just wanted peace.. my home is ususally that place for me, but lately, it's been everything but. I just wanted PEACE & QUITE & SIMPLE. I could go on & on about my feelings & why I needed to retreat to my bedroom, but I will spare you. We had over 12 people in & out all day, not including my own family of 7 and Benny. In my mind I so wanted to just get in my car and take a nice little drive... far, far away. But, I sucked it up...because I can do hard!... got my composure, and then came back downstairs. I survived another day and was never so happy when it was time for bed. Another day of chaos over & done with.... SO longing for my normal, simple life. Have I mentioned that yet? Yeah, kind of thought I had..... we'll get there...

My appointment with the invisble dog fence people went really well. I signed us up, so we should be installed, ready to go in 3wks. (their soonest appointment). Sounds like it will take about 2wks. for Sammy to actually get trained with it, but... hopefully it will do the trick. The poor thing NEEDS this big yard to run around in, chasing all the birds & squirrls that he wants. I walk him about 5x a day, but it's just not enough.. he's high enegery & having that freedom will make all the difference in the world. We are getting ready to start installing our privacy fence on the busy-side of our yard, so I think by doing that in itself, the barking will go away. The sidewalk beside our house is the scenic walk route and it's super busy, esp. in the evenings. Sammy goes NUTS when he sees people beside our house, so... hopefully "out of sight, out of mind" will help! We're getting there.... we'll see how it goes.

The other day, out of no where, it started hailing! It was the crazist thing. I was just about to leave to go get the girls and then here all this noise outside. Check it out, talk about strange weather this year!

.. I haven't yet plastured my deck with lots of flowers.. who had time this week? But I *did* find beautiful pink hydrangeas that I simply could not resist! These are by FAR my favorite flowers of all times. Love doesn't even compare to what I feel for these flowers.... I'm longing for landscaping at this house because I am determined to have several of these big bad boys in my yard so I can go out & pick them whenever my heart desires. So so pretty!

I know it's no secret that I've turned into that person who simply must feed the birds & squirrls everyday. I can't help it, I love looking out on my deck and seeing these suckers-- it makes me happy. We have a female & male cardinal that plop down on our deck several times a day. The male is the bright red one, the female is the "not so pretty" brown w/ red beekish face. Apparently the male is the attractive one so it helps the female mate with him. Darryl & the guys at work were talking about female & male cardinals.. how the male is the pretty one so the female will mate with him. Darryl, always on his feet, pipes up.. starts rubbing his belly & said, "Yeah, that's the way it is at my house!" I guess all the guys lost it & were rolling! Ah, only my husband. :) Funny, because the male bird will stay in the tree, safe & sound, while the female goes on the deck to make sure it's safe. "Yeah, that's the way it is at my house!" bawhahaha... j/k Anyways, these two little birdies visit us all the time now, even as I type this, they are out there now. Kind of ironic since the "UK vs. UL" game is playing in the background.... U of L Cardinals. :) GO RED!

and.. this is Sadie, my lovely cat, who likes to sit & wait for the little birdies when it's feeding time. ie. ie. ie.

I don't know if you know or not, but sister is obsessed with dressforms. I've always had an eye for these things, but in the last few years, I just can't get enough! I have 5 in my craft room, Courtney has one in her room, I even hunted down my favorite dressform canvas because I simply had-to-have-it. Well, I have inspired Chelcey with my love of all things vintagy.. so she decided incorporate some shabby chicness in her room :) she called me while she was in Hobby Lobby, bouncing off the walls, saying that I will absoutely LOVE her new dressform picture & frame-- ahhh, was she ever right! Would you just LOOK at this thing? Pretty things just make my heart skip a beat.

Snapped a few pictures of the girls before soccer practice on Tuesday. They got their jersey's... Darryl's company sponsored their team, and the girls kept saying that it was weird to have Daddy's logo on the back of their shirt. Oh, my dear children. :)

We woke up bright & early this morning for the girls first soccer game...we had to be there at 8:30am (yawn), but I'll save the details of that in another post because I have lots of pictures and we all know that this post has gotten very lengthy...naaa, ya don't say?. Benny left today at 2:30pm to stay the night with his girlfriend... so, I have been embracing a night of normalcy around here. His girlfriend wouldn't allow him to take his wheelchair (he hasn't been using his walker here, only the wheelchair and I guess she is pushing him extra hard so he doesn't become dependent on it). Well, the wheelchair is here... so you know what that means, my girls have been having a blast with it! Savannah had to push Aspen around as her servant. Courtney was in it for the longest time, Addi, too. But Savannah.. oh, Savannah... she's been in this thing for the last 2hrs., going ALL over the first level. They are watching the UK vs UL game, and she keeps rolling on out of there once it goes to commerical. I don't have my camera handy, but I'll try to share some later-- she's a mess! :)

Okay, my husband is cooking dinner.. man, how I love him, two nights in a row! oh yeah, baby!!! Chelc & Court just got home---> Chelc took Courtney dress shopping for her big school gig coming up at the end of April & they came back WITH a dress, might I add. SUCCESS! We've been to so many stores and haven't had any luck! painful....But THANK YOU, MACY'S! You have made my life a much easier thing right about now! :).... so, that's my que--> need to go! I will post the soccer pictures in the next post :)

I have lots on my brain to unload, so... check back soon! This mind of mine is a very busy place lately.

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