Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello, beautiful weather, you...

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. I'm talking low 80's, sunny, just one of those days that you can't help but walk around with a smile plastured on your face. The flowers are in full bloom around here... and it's March. I love Kentucky for the stunning dogwood trees, and boy are they showing off their color! It's like it just happened over night.. and did I mention that it's only March? I'm itching to start planting flowers, at least on my deck. There's just something about weather in the mid-70's, low 80's that just gets you all geared up for spring, one of my favorite seasons. Since discovering, my heart has been introduced to so many new flowers, I've never even seen them before. So now I'm all pumped to spread the love out on my deck.. sister is ready to get it on like donky kong! Hmm, maybe I'll sprinkle some color out there over the next few days. The lady at the dry-cleaners (yes, I'm a good wife that fetches her husband's dry-cleaning.. the mounds of it that there is) :), she said that it's a Ky rule that you don't plant flowers until the day after Derby. But, I say since it's 80 degrees and it's still March, we are probally safe. However, you never know around here.

I'm excited for Spring for so many reasons, but esp. because we can start putting our landscape plan into action. Wah-hoo! We moved into our new home late October, it was a new build which means... no landscaping out front. Our home is very colonial so no landscaping out there looks just plain weird. So, hello, blank canvas! and...hello, big expense! Hey, ya can't have one without the other, so.. it is, what it is. I'm quite excited, actually. D has been working on several landscaping plans w/ the landscape designer.. however, like I said above: "hello, pinterest!". I have found so many different types of cool trees & plants, and just inspiring ideas in general so, nothing is final yet. I'm excited. Moreover, D (just) finalized our pool/outdoor living plans today with the pool artitect... THIS makes the entire family squeal, needless to say! He's been working on this thing for months, trying to find the best layout and just "getting it right", ya know? And today, the thing is complete. Reason to celebrate, no doubt. Now, it gets submitted to the city for our permit and then construction can begin. He's determined to have it done by June, I think that's a little agressive however, I'll be his biggest cheerleader to make it happen. :) Quite excited.

Speaking of outdoors, we have a creek that runs through our backyard. We love it, but I have a feeling this summer due to all the bugs, I won't be as big of a fan. However, the girls are loving it! They spend the weekends out there, and can't wait to get home from school to go play in it.

They begged me to let them go in barefoot, "Please Mama, Please?" Of course, a million reasons why not to let them crossed my mind. Things on the line of, oh.. I don't know....potential broken glass, rusty nails, STAPH infection hazzard.. all the way to ticks, chiggers, snakes (hey, I'm a Mom, it's my mind's job to go there...), but.. then the other side of me said, "Ah, why not? You're only young once". So, I let them.. squealing the whole time, right along with them...."But, just this once, okay guys?". As much as I loathe "Crocs".. always have, always will. Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be considering buying these ugly-to-the-core shoes (they are considered "shoes", um, right?) Well, I think sister might be taking the plunge. (pick your mouth up off the floor!) They have to be better than the flip flop action they dug out. So, we shall see. They sure love it out there, though. As a parent, you freak a little bit.. but as a kid, you embrace being carefree to the core, and hey.. you're only young once, right? Sometimes you just have to roll with it. (and then, simply pray that they don't come down w/ some awful bacterial fungus type-thing in the process). haha

D traveled most the day, I cleaned like a manaic, did some shopping.. and then we all enjoyed a nice dinner out on the deck. I made a salad, D whipped up these yummy appetizer things that would just rock your world. Strip steak on a seasoned bagette, topped w/ red pepper, purple onion, and horseradish. They are more of a meal if you ask me, those bad boys fill you up & are scrumptious to the core. I'll share the recipe soon, promise. We had a great evening...girls played in the backyard while we prepared dinner.. me inside, him at the grill. He's been cooking a lot lately, he's been doing (a lot) of amazing things lately, but.. I'll save that for my "growth" post, coming soon. :) Having that grill fired up makes me even more excited for summer.

I've been embracing the upcoming season of Spring around here. Hello, beautiful shades of pink! I love surrounding myself with things that make me happy, and candles plus flowers make this chicks heart go pitter patter.

Now that I'm blogging again, it forces me to get out the camera & snap pictures, which is way over-due. It's been awhile! Here's a few that we took yesterday... I usually tend to avoid the camera since this chick stays salt-induced 3/4th of the time (chalk it up to one of many food allergies that I have, I mean really... why salt? It's in *everything*, but... Courtney insisted, then, D came home & saw us snapping pictures on the deck and asked for a few pictures of us together, so.. what's a puffy-faced girl to do? Embrace the puffiness & just roll with it. Life's too short not to. :)


And, then you have this little guy. Sam-Sam is still with us, and... is here for good. We've bonded, this ornery punk & I, he brings me lots of laughter throughout the day and we go on plenty of fun walks. However, he gets sent off on Tuesday.. for 12 or 14 glorious days. Yes, we're packing him off to dog obidence training. I'm sure he'll be thrilled, I know we sure are. It's long over-due. He actually went after a guy walking his dog the other day (what prompted me to make the call...). He wasn't agressive, or mean-- but he just needs to learn boundaries, something that he lacks. He's better, but.. just not there yet. When he's not outside he hangs out in my scrapbook room. D laid carpet & put up a gate to the room that adjoins my scrapbook room (I think it was suppose to be a wine cellar or something, but it's PLENTY big). He sleeps in that area, but I let him roam through the scrapbook room as he desires. (which my husband loves, btw, since he worked over 4hrs. to get that gate built & the carpet laid in "Sammy's room" haha). The night that D finished w/ Sammy's room, I started unpacking a lot of my craft supply boxes & simi started setting up my scrap room. I love this room.. it's soo peaceful. We kept Sammy in his area for about a week (to sleep/hang out in), because I thought he would start attacking all my stuff (what he's notorious in doing, if he's not suppose to have it... he'll go after it). However, he did really good. Didn't bother a thing & I even kept one of my dressforms out, along w/ my chairs.. both of which I thought would be toast since he goes after anything with fabric. But nope, he didn't bother either one. Now, if I put my pillows actually on the chairs, that would be a totally different story. Sister ain't no fool. :) But, we're getting there. I haven't been able to put baskets in my expidite in fear that if I did, one morning I would mosey on down there to let him out and walk into a nightmare mess. I've never been the gambling type so, I like to play things safe. I have this awesome basket thing that I invision full of all my acrylic paints (ah, how I love paint.... can you see the drool from there? Artsy stuff just makes me happy, I can't help it!). The basket sits free-style which means... I could walk in there one day & have a nice rainbow room if I'm not careful. But... (and that's a really long-drawn out "but"...) when when mr. sam-sam leaves on Tuesday, guess who will be decorating, and putting the final touches on her room while he's gone? D brought home a cabinet catalog the other day so we can pick out the cabinets that will go in there which will help a ton... out of sight means no mess from Sammy. So, we're getting there. Yes, I'm very optimistic that once he returns, he'll be trained & obident. I'm quite thrilled about this, you have no idea. :) I will probally keep him in "his zone" area until I know for sure I can trust him because no matter how trained a dog can be, when they get bored we all know what happens. Pictures to come... I've been picking up things here & there to fit my theme. I'll be posting lots on my new blog, "Inspire Me Silly", but I'll share sneak-peaks here as well. So stay tuned.

The girls start soccer next week, they are quite pumped about that! Orentiation is Saturday- they'll meet their coach, other teammates, etc. I'm was thankful to get them all on the same team again. Last year though, as Aspen should really be in the league up from this one but... they worked with us & I'm sure it helps that she is so short. :) So, expect lots of soccer shots in the upcoming weeks.

I've babysat baby James twice this week, thankfully both days were beautiful so we took a long walk to the park.. played forever, and enjoyed being outside! Today we walked for over 2hrs., it was awesome! We played at the park.. going down the swirly slide no less than 15 times (his favorite!), then we topped off our afternoon by throwing down a blanket underneath a big tree, laying our heads down & just looking up at the branches & pointing at birds, squirrls, and squinting our eyes from the sun. We had a really nice day. He's such a sweet, easy little baby. He's walking now, so that's really fun! I just love seeing through a babies eyes. He discovered trees today.. he was hesitant at first. He pointed, I led the way. I held his hand as we walked over to the tree, he stopped before we got there, unsure of what to expect. I picked him up to feel the branch.. rough.. and he smiled. He then grunted & pointed at every tree there-after :).. me, happy to let him explore. He's such a cutie. I have babysitting duty again tommorow as well... suppose to rain, but praying it doesn't. I love our time together outdoors.... so much to see, and I love the walks.

So much more to share but, I'll leave you with a few more photo's. Psst: Tommorow is Friday---> now does that put a smile on your face or what?

Aspen... don't ask!

crazy Courtney.. always keepin' it real!

This is Sissy... this is what Sissy does when she's watching H20 on her I-pad. Earplugs in, cover over the head... then after about 30min., she comes up for air with a red face announcing, "Man, it's HOT under there!"... again, don't ask... :)

Now, does this photo speak for itself or what?

Peace out, homies!

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