Friday, March 9, 2012

Inspire Me Silly...

Ok, I'm so excited and I may just bust at the seams! I've been itching to start a blog about all the creative things that make me all giddy and well, it's in the works as we speak. I decided to keep this blog as my private "family & personal growth" blog.. and start a creative 'public" blog called, "Inspire Me Silly".

Whatever will it consist of, you ask? Oh, I'm so happy that you asked. There will be:

- DIY projects: this will force me to actually DO all the projects in my "inspiration file" that have been on my "to do" list, yes.. a modivational butt-kicking at its finest--> this, I'm quite excited about.

- Paper Crafting Projects: See above (hahah...)

- Recipes: to inspire you to whip up something yummy. (see above... are you now seeing the pattern here? Why yes, I thought you might be.

-Thrifting Finds: this is something that I've been doing a lot of (thrifting) and I would love a place to share my awesome finds & inspire others to join me.

- Before & After's: Spray paint has become a new obsession of mine. I will show transformations of projects that I have going on & link up to other cool projects.

- Tutorials: I may even bust out the 'ole phone video & give you a few laughs. oh boy, look out!

-Inspirational things that Inspire ME: I will share photo's of the kazillion images in my "inspiration file" that inspire me in hopes that they will inspire you, too. Yes, my Mom taught me to share as a child... I'm good like that!

-Home Decorating: I will share photo's of our home during our "getting settled" stage since we just moved into our new home, as well as fun decorating ideas that inspire me.

Needless to say, sister is quite excited. I figure I can have the best of both worlds here. I can still get "raw, real, & personal" on this blog since it's private... yet still share the things that make my heart skip a beat on a more public format. We all love to be inspired, me more than the average person, I'm sure.. I get so giddy at fun, colorful & creative things.. so what a perfect match. We're in the designing stages now.. I'll keep ya posted. :)

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