Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Wrap-up!

The girls are all still sleeping, & the cat has already decided to puke on my carpet (nice), so I figured I better jump on some quite time and blog. I've been wanting to write for a few days but there just hasn't been any down time. story of my life...

I have learned that though I love shopping, when I have to actually shop on a timeline---> it sucks all the fun out of it. Chalk it up to that self-discovery notion I shared a few weeks ago. Easter somehow decided to pop it's little head around the corner faster than I was expecting. I guess it was Weds. of this past week when I realized that Easter was that upcoming Sunday. My eyes got all big & beedy-eyed and I questioned: "As in THIS Sunday?" to only hear back, "Yes, This Sunday!" Let the crazy-stressful-running around marathon begin.

Friday all the girls were out of school except for Savannah, so we took that oppourtinity to fight the crowds at the mall (which you know how much I adore crowds) & go score some Easter Dresses. I tried to reason with the girls before hand, "Why don't we just wear a dress that we already have? " but I was quickly reminded...tradition, Mom...tradition. So, I sucked it up like any good Mom would do and off we went! Shoulder to shoulder in the stores, deep breath in...deep breath out. Aspen & Courtney found their dresses in the first store that we went in. I even found 3 cute things to try on (shocker, I know...) but after taking one look at the long line to the dressing room, pfft... I knew I didn't need them that bad!, so back on the racks they went. After we picked Savannah up from school, we hit a few more stores & still didn't find the other 2 dresses. So, I threw in the towel and knew that we would just have to attempt the next day.

We had Good Friday service at church and awwwww... I can't even begin to describe how amazing it was! The Holy Spirit was SO SO present and so many of us were in cynch with one another... the Spirit was moving so beautifully. Ah, the power!!!!... I left there so full, so happy, so at peace.

Saturday was our church Easter Egg Hunt, and Courtney & I had volenteered to help. So, we all spent a few hours at church, then.... let the torture of shopping begin. I swear everyone in the city of Louisville was out shopping the day before Easter. I was so over the crowds & could just feel it draining me. Add a couple of picky girls in the mix and hello basketcase. It finally got to the point where I held up a pretty dress for Savannah, of which, once again.. she found fault in, and I did it. I bribed the kid... "Come on Sis, if you get this one I'll let you pick out a necklace to go with it!" and within seconds she smiled & said, "Okay, SURE!" Pfft.. seriously? Why didn't I think of that sooner? We ended up getting seperated from Courtney. The girl will be strolling along with us, spot something pretty that catches her eye, and stop... without telling us, mind you. We were checking out, already paid for our stuff and I'm looking around... "Where did Courtney go?" ie. ie. ie. We waited at the front of the store for a good 10min., then here she comes around the corner... looking at us all confused as if to ask, "Why are you guys up there?". Needless to say, sister (that would be me) just wanted to go home. But, Courtney still needed shoes... I still needed to shop for the Easter Basket goodies for the girls, so... no end in sight. We drove the little ones back home to Darryl, and we hit it again.

A friend had told us that Marshalls had a lot of cute shoes, so that was our first stop. Naturally (I) found a ton of cute shoes that I was all giddy about (though I refrained--thankyouverymuch...), but Courtney? Yeah,nNot so much. naturally it couldn't be that easy, now could it? We left there with a cart full of stuff that we didn't really need, but couldn't resist nonetheless. Like this adorable & bookend for my scrapbook room:

and this adorable "Faith" sign with a cute little bird.. again, for my craft room :)

and, then I found this beauty:

I'm going to put it in my closet and use it as a necklace holder. Remember when I share this project with you that I Was going to make?

Well, now I don't have to make one! D told me to go back & pick up a couple more (he knows me well), so hopefully they still have them. I feel in love though... anything rustic & shabby, I'm all about. :)

We went next door & scored Courtney a couple pair of shoes...B1G1 half off, how can you resist? and then we decided to knock out the Easter Basket stuff at Mejiers. Let me just say I have been in this store all of 3 times since living in Louisivlle... over 11 years... and I will never, ever go there again. It was torture. Their claim to fame is something on the lines of "Your 1 stop shop for everything!". I think they need to re-think that... just sayin'.... They had nothing... nothing. We walked around that store, which is huge by the way, for at least a couple of hours.. and at one point, I seriously thought I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. So many people, So much stuff to buy and yet there was nothing worth buying. I didn't want to go to another store.. I was done. and no matter what, I was going to make it work. Chelcey called while we were there.. after I got off the phone with her I get a text asking, "You okay?" Yeah, that's how good the trip was going. I lost Courtney twice in that store... again, the girl just stops any time she sees something that catches her eye. I finally just settled on 3 cross necklaces for the girls. They were $100/ea, but were 70% off. They had just said the day before how they wanted a cross necklace. So, we're getting there. Funny thing about those necklaces? Um, yeah, 2 of them have broke already. Par for the course my friends, Par for the course. We FINALLY got home at 8:30ish and I was NEVER, EVER so glad to walk in my house! A very FULL day of shopping is putting it lightly! What's the next holiday coming up? I need to start preparing for it NOW.. NOW, I say!!!!

But, that didn't stop us! Oh no, traditions, people.. traditions. I started boiling water right away & the girls enjoyed dying Easter Eggs. They had a good time :)

Afterwards, I quitely slipped off to the garage to stuff Easter baskets, ate too much candy in the process..."A handful of jellybeans in this basket, a handful of jellybeans in my mouth" you know how it goes. All that busting my butt at workout the previous week? Out the window, I'm sure. But, after all the assembling & making sure the baskets were "just right", I managed to get to bed by 11pm. Not bad, if I do say so myself. Sister was tired, and SO ready to call it a day!

We woke up early Sunday morning.. the girls attacked their baskets, ate way too much candy before breakfast, and then we headed off to church. After the crazy week we had we were all craving SIMPLE for the rest of the day. We talked about inviting some people over for brunch or for dinner, but we decided a low-key rest of the day was so very needed. So, that's just what we did.

Darryl whipped up his famous breakfast buritto's (yum), we hunted for eggs, took some pictures,

Chelcey & Sean came home from church, changed clothes, and then played Easter Bunny- hiding the eggs outside. Courtney & I were cracking up coming home from Meijer on Saturday evening. All that stressing out.. all that running around.. and we forgot the plastic eggs! I seriously was crying from laughing so hard on our way home that night. I think I was dulusional or something and I even think Courtney said at one point while laughing, "You're losing it!" hahaha.. THANKFULLY though, the girls had a success at our Church Easter Egg Hunt, so.. we emptied out those plastic eggs, stuffed them with new stuff so they wouldn't know, and recycled those bad boys! :) So, it all worked out! Funny stuff to remember though, that's for sure. :)

After we hunted for eggs, we changed clothes and then the girls & I topped it off by sitting down by the creek for the longest time just watching some ducks. After that, we grabbed a blanket from inside and the 3 little ones & I found a spot in the backyard, and just laid out there.. enjoying the quite and just embracing the SIMPLE.

We broke away from the traditions that night and decided to indulge with Indian food. (yum). I was planning on making it but discovered I was out of something so I needed to go to the store. Darryl had started building my closet the day before (more on that soon :)) and said, "Let's just order it! It'll be faster & I'm starving!". Pfft, okay... you sure don't have to twist MY arm! :) So, no cooking for this chick made for a perfect ending to an awesome day! :)

** spell check isn't working and I'm rushing out to my hair appointment...the stress never stops around here, people.. I hate getting my hair done!, so... bare with me. I'll edit this bad boy once I return. :) Plus hey, it will give you time to marvel at my pathetic spelling ability. hahaha :)

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