Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our week off...

.. I woke up this morning to the sound of Darryl's alarm clock going off at 7:45am, which always seems to make my eyes stay wide awake, no hope at all for grabbing another hour of sleep. My goal over Spring Break was to get caught up on sleep and embrace the joy ofsleeping in. Pfft, yeah right! I've been awake every day between 7:30-8am, and out of bed about 10min. later. Though it's allowed me to do lots of morning baking for the girls, knock out some laundry, and snag a little quite time before the girls wake up, I would have loved to have slept in. Today is Thursday, so unless I can manage to pull it off tomorrow, there is no hope in sight! C'mon, Sister... you got this!.. um, yeah.. don't' hold your breath.

Spring Break hasn't felt quite "spring-breakish" around here. Our week started off by spending our day moving Benny over to Susan's, Darryl's sister. He stayed 3 weeks with us, and now the plan is for him to stay 2wks. with her, and then transition back into his apartment. The guilt kicked in after I spent the day over at Susan's, trying to get him settled in. He was already settled here, he had plenty of space to move around, a pretty good routine down. But it was a lot. It's hard when you have a large family and you're on the go all the time. We've talked about this before, I refuel by having some alone time, something that wasn't possible. I find balance in a "go-with-the-flow" schedule... strict schedules wig me out, something that we had to adhere to while he was here. I need simple---> having a ton of people over every day was starting to get the best of me. My girls were starting to feel the pressure of no privacy, so... since this week was Spring Break, we thought it would be the perfect time to transition him into Susan's. I told him before I left on Monday that if after this week he wanted to come back over to our place just to call and we would move him back over... not a big deal at all. So, we shall see.

Monday & Tuesday the girls had a friend over, played in the creek most of the time.. getting all dirty, you know the drill. They had a really good time and being outside, running around was needed. And as for me, I braved it and went in to get my hair colored. I contemplated (all) night Monday if I should go lighter... or, stay the same color. question of the day in this mind of mine, honestly... but, I went in-- talked it over w/ my hairdress who (knows) I have major trust issues when it comes to my hair, gee, I wonder why? and told me to play it safe... "You're not quite ready to do something a little drastic, Chrystal... maybe next time!" I thought I was going to leave with my same hair color, which quite frankly, was as close as my natural color than I've been in years. But, after leaving the salon and getting out in "real light", my hair ended up darker. At first I thought it was just richer, but nope.... darker. Regretting now not just going for it and getting highlights, but honestly.... I think I need to find another salon before I go and get crazy. I figure it usually takes about 7wks for my grey hair to start showing their ugly face, (I never feel old until those pesky little things start popping out on my head) so by then I'll be faded out again and can just get it done, already! This hair of mine, people.. you have no idea... Here's a shot of Courtney & I before we went out to dinner. Not the cutest people, but.. it will just have to do. Indian & Mexican food in one week, coupled with lots of other salty-goodness.. um, yeah.. sister is looking like a hot mess!But, embrace it people, embrace it!

Last night was Chelcey's early birthday dinner... so, the fam + Sean :)all mosied to Red Robin where they had to sit us in the middle of the restaurant and we had to be that family who was laughing LOUDLY, making a scene-- joking around, just being ridiculous. Everyone had a really good time, but I swear between Courtney, Darryl, and Savannah.... everyone was looking at us.

it's always hard to get a picture of Aspen.... but, I do attempt it:

but then... this one: :)

After we left there, D wanted to check the progress on his new office building so we all went over there. Courtney was literally begging for D to consider her for an internship over the summer. I think she was pretty impressed with the new office. :) So, for a girl who we thought never wanted to have anything with Darryl's business, may be having a change of heart. Funny, because Chelcey was always the same way.... :)

We haven't really had any "down time" this week to just kick back and do nothing. The girls and I are still planning on taking that online art class I was telling you about, we have plans to go swimming at the hotel, to see a movie.... this week has just seemed to zoom by, and I'm not liking that one bit. The plus of this week has been very little cooking for me. Mind you, that means lots of salt-intact for yours truly, but hey... some down-time in the cooking department, sister will take any time!

Today is Chelc' birthday...19. I will be sharing a birthday post a little later, just have to dig up some pictures and then I will share. :) I wish I could say that she has an awesome day planned... but, as we speak, she is attending the funeral of a 19 year old friend who was in a fatal car accident coming home from college for Spring Break. So So sad.. and just goes to show how precious life is. She wasn't close with the girl, but they ran in the same group. She was in crictial condition, in a coma, for several days and she passed on Easter. She has dinner plans with Sean and some friend tonight, so hopefully her day slowly gets better. So So hard....

The girls and I are suppose to babysit baby James today for Susan... we have some running around to do before then, so.... better get a move on it! Tomorrow really is our "last" day of spring break, so since we have nothing planned... we are going to try to squeeze as much in one day as humanly possible. :) Saturday morning is their soccer game, of which it looks like the D-ster will be coaching solo. We're only suppose to have 8 girls there that day, which means no break for any of them. Could get really interesting... :)

I'll leave you with a funny:
Courtney was laying on the couch about 10min. ago, petting Sadie, our cat. She was saying something on the lines of how Sadie reminds her of Simba. She was petting him, and he was purring. I said, "Sadie is a Purr-er"... she said, "WHAT? Sadie is a PERVERT?" I died laughing, "Yeah, Courtney.. he must be a pervert! I said he's a PURR-ER!"... we both laughed for the longest time. Well, Addi comes in on the other couch. Sadie gets up from Courtney, and jumps on the couch where Addi was. She starts petting him and he puts his butt in her face. I pipe up and say, "Sadie, stop putting your bottom in her face, you Purr-er!"... Courtney and I were dieing laughing... naturally, Savannah and Addi-- clueless-- looked at us like we were both a bunch of weirdo's and Savannah kept asking, "What? What's so funny?"... ah, one of those things that you just had to be there. Funny stuff :)

Enjoy your day.. I'm off to run around, oh joy... then go babysit a little cutie. :) by the way, my closet that my dear husband built for me is (thisclose) to being ready for homegirl to start putting her clothes in. Can I get a WHAA-HOO? He says he needs to touch-up paint in there and then I'm homefree! Pictures coming soon because we've been in this house since October... and I've had to use several closets throughout the house to store my clothes, and the rest of my clothes have been living out of in boxes.. in that "closet-less, closet" of mine. But oh, organized closet, were here come!

Peace out!

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