Monday, April 23, 2012

Flea Market Finds....

Here's a little peak at the flea market finds I stumbled across. It's so funny that I use to see stuff like this & pass by it, thinking that it was just junk. Oh, how naive one can be. NOW when I pass by this kind of stuff my heart skips a beat & I see POTENTIAL. I see something that might not look so pretty now, but with a little paint & a little TLC, ah... beauty just waiting to be revealed. :) I'm excited.

I've been on a mad hunt for wooden crates like this one. I found several at another Flea Market, but at $40/pop- you must be crazy! This little bad boy was $7. I just need another one the same size and my idea for it can be put into action. There are plenty more at the flea market I found these, but all the other ones I found were at least $15, so I'm holding out until I find another one a little bit cheaper- I'm good like that. :) Do you see the awesome "vienna" picture frame? You may have to click on the photo to enlarge it--LOVE the distressed frame & it's shabbiness look, but the theme of the picture itself isn't what I'm looking for, so I'm thinking about possibly making this a cute chalkboard.. we'll see.

Fell in love with this crochet pillow- $1.50

This mac-daddy thing of lace material... $2.00, steal!

This is a small mirror (for now). I fell in love with the funky frame- such a vintage feel to it. Not sure what color this bad boy will become, but... stay tuned. :)

Wooden crate...

When you find an initial "C", well.. how you resist? It matches the letters of my "ART" sign in my room, but this little guy needs a new look, so... hello, spray paint. I also found this vintage bed skirt with eyelet & lace trim-- (love it). I have alot of uses in mind for this one :) so pretty.

I found this SUPER heavy, and really big mirror for $15--- it was originally marked at $40, but I guess the person wanted to get rid of it (took up a lot of space), and then marked it down to $15.. pfft, she must have known I was coming that day! :) I was a sight trying to pull it off the wall in the booth (hahha), but sister got it down, & used her muscles to carry it to the front of the store. At first, I had plans on spray painting the frame area and putting it in one of the girls bathrooms. But, I'm kinda diggin' the rustic/ornate look of this and may incorporate it elsewhere in the house. We shall see....

More goodies. I love that white picture frame, but... thinking it might need a splash of color, we'll see. :) And if your eyes didn't spot that [ugly-ugly] picture in the background, then I really don't know what's wrong with you. :) The frame (and price) is what caught my eye on this little pretty. We are setting up Aspen's desk area & I knew that this would be perfect for either a cork board or a chalkboard. Spray paint that baby, and bring it to life! At $2.00, how can you go wrong? My point exactly....everything has potential people, everything....

This wire basket stole my heart.... always looking for cute storage solutions for paper crafting goodies, and this is perfect.

love this...

I had so much fun. I passed on several things that made me smile.. I went back to the same booth no less than (3 times) because I was contemplating a certain idea but didn't want to shell out $20 for it. One of those things that you want, but only if it's at a good price, ya know? I'm funny like that. I also found a really nice shelving unit for $35 that would be perfect for Aspen's desk area--- but, I didn't want to have to deal with loading it up in the car so, I figure if it's still there when I go back then I can snatch it. If not, not a big deal. :)

I am offically obsessed with flea markets now-- such awesome finds. There are several around our area... 2 really big ones that I've been wanting to check out, so.. hopefully I can get to those soon. :) I want to reface these projects before I go & start stocking up on more. :)

So, stay tuned for "before & after" pictures of these suckers.... :) I'm excited.

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