Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Poor Sammy...

The Invisble Dog Fence trainer just left, a girl this time. She brought her dog which I so knew would be trouble, I know how Sammy freaks when he sees another dog. He's never agressive, just very nosey & wants to smell them. She put Sammy on her leesh (I warned her several times to wrap it around her wrist, I know my dog... he will take you flying in the air, if not), then asked me to go up to her car & get her dog. I thought it was backwards, but... just went with the flow. As I was walking up the hill to her car I was saying out loud in a quite voice, "This is so not a good idea!". Boy, was I right. Intution--> it's there for a reason.

I get her dog, then she told me to walk on the outter portion of the flags. She turned his colar up to a low level of correction. As soon as Sammy saw her dog he took off, full speed ahead, dragging her along with him. I started screaming, she couldn't get control of him because he's so strong. Sammy runs over to her dog, her dog starts to fight and hello, Sammy's first dog fight. She kept saying, "I got it, I got it!" as if to reassure me during the dog freak-out session that she has the situation out of control. Um, not hardly. I finally managed to get Sammy & ah man, what an ordeal! She kept appoligizing, but I then told her that "I" would handle Sammy while she handled her dog. I mean, really.... she didn't even tighten up on his leesh or wrap it around her hand like I told her... I so knew that would happen!.

She then turned up his correction level to a 6. I was getting miffed because I said it's not fair that Sammy gets a higher correction because her dog is there on the other side of the flag, enticing him. But again, what do I know?. Apparently that's the point. She wanted him to have distractions or he would not understand the correction, therefore- if someone is walking or he sees a dog on the other side of the flags, he'll cross over-- and we're trying to teach him not to do that. I understand, I just don't like it.... He took about 3 corrections after she turned it up on a higher level, yelped quite loud (I'm sure...) but then wouldn't cross over. The mailman came around back for me to sign for something, Sammy didn't budge. The LGE reader guy came in the backyard, he again, didn't budge. So, praying that the poor thing is a fast learner because I really don't want my dog to have to endure getting shocked. I hate that our backyard doesn't allow for a real fence due to the creek, but... what can ya do?. She comes back on May 2nd for his 3rd taining, where she turns his correction up to a much higher level (scared)... I'll be working with him non-stop in hopes by then he's not even tempted to cross the boundry of the flags. Before she left, she walked her dog on the other side of the flags and Sammy didn't even try to go after her dog. He was taking it all in... looking at each of the flags, then looking at her dog. He just sat there. So, hopefully it won't take long.... poor, baby!

I'm SO happy that today is "big meeting day" for Darryl at the office. Finally this day has come so He can hopefully get back to his normal life/schedule & allow for some down-time, he is just so exzausted & burnt out. Working 16hr. days, non-stop for over 1.5wk now, my heart goes out to him. But, finally today is the day (big-big meeting)... so hopefully his mind can relax until next week when his biggest clients come to town for Derby. Then, it'll be a whole, other stress-fest, I'm sure. I spent my day over there yesterday, hanging pictures.. re-arranging furnture, helping him set up his office. The place looked awesome last night when I went back over around 7:30pm- his entire staff has been working around the clock. Hard to beleive that they just moved in, the place looks amazing & everything is pretty much in place. I'll share pictures soon--

Ok, lots to get done today so sister can't hang & chat. Hopefully I can swing another post later this evening--- I always have so much to say but just no time to say it. :) Enjoy your day!

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