Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy day!

... after I took the girls to school, I rushed home-- attacked my laundry room, literally---> folded about 3 loads of laundry that have been waiting on me for a few days (felt good!), gave Benny some fruit (no breakfast cooking for me today.. his choice, which sister wasn't going to argue!), then I headed out to Kickboxing class because I was ready to get my groove on! There were only 8 of us in class today and ah MAN did we get a serious butt-kicking! Last week, kickboxing class was def. hard & chalenging, but not in a way that you thought you were going to pass out! Today, yeah.. def. a little different. Def, A LOT different.. but oh, was it good! I love pushing my body- I love the strength & the fact that I know I can do anything that is put in front of me... no matter how tough it is! This class is HIGH, HIGH cardio & strength.. we were all pouring sweat, breathing like fish out of water.. and she kept pushing us... I LOVE THAT! There was a point during class where everyone gave up during that particular routine.. EXCEPT me and this girl in front of me. I pushed myself... maybe I was also feeling competive... but I pushed thru the pain, thru the sore muscles, and finished it out! AWESOME class... we worked our secondary muscles at the very end, oh.. the pain. Sister apparently hasn't worked those bad boys in awhile because I even cried out, "Mama.." out loud, which blended in with all the moaning going on in class. Homegirl instructor (also the chick who does the bootcamp class) is hard core. But, one girl said it best today... "Thank you for pushing us harder than we would push ourselves.. we are all one day closer to where we want to be physcially" A to the Men, sister... I couldn't have said it better myself.

I am sitting in a very quite house, and I think I even did a few giddy jumps all while smiling, before I sat down to write. Susan just left, she is taking Ben to 4 of his dr. appointments today so that means I can re-fuel.. re-charge... and re-group. It's been (so) long since I've been in my house by myself long enough to just sit down and re-fuel. Ah, it feels awesome... I can feel the blood running through my veins, my body is still tingling from class, and my mind can just REST. [peaceful... happy].

Tonight the girls have their 2nd soccer game. Should be a fun time! :)

Yesterday was going to be my "chill day" to get things done around the house (aka: laundry), and just mosey down to my craft room & knock out a few projects (something I'm getting ready to do here in a bit... can I hear a "HECK, YA!?)... so, I cleaned the house- upstairs included when my friend Steff called & asked to come over. House was clean... so I had that peace of mind (you know how we woman are)... we hung out, then ventured to Chili's for a yummy salad. She just found out that her Mom has lung cancer & is taking it pretty hard-- her Mom is her best friend, so she's in for a hard battle. Steff is leaving tommorow to AZ to pack her Mom up & she's coming to live with her. Hard, hard stuff. After I picked up the girls, Aspen had Volleyball practice, so I brought everyone else home to find THIS parked in my driveway:

That pesky little mouse on his truck freaked me out shiver... but I knew he was here to spray to kill off those crazy carpenter bee's & what I thought... was colony ants coming through my kitchen door from the deck. Come to find out, those big monster ants are actually CARPENTER ANTS... yes, another flipping insect that eats thru wood. All our luck, right? So... homie sprayed EVERY ounce of our home (again: VERY thankful that my house was clean in every single room!!). I'm sure the neighbors thing we have a mice problem or something considering his crazy van has a big 'ole ugly mouse on it that reads: "We kill Mice!".. but hey, ya gotta do, what ya gotta do!

Darryl stopped on the side of the street & picked me some lilac flowers (his favorite)... had them in a vase on my kitchen island, but the things were smellin' up the place w/ that strong pollen scent. So... I transported them out on my deck table & they look much better out there! :) How sweet is he?....

Savannah has been doing laundry lately, which is just putting the biggest smile on my face! Sister did another load last night-- all colors, and rocked it out-- all on her own accord! Now, if I could just get another girl... or two... to fold, hang & put away.... happy sigh... could you imagine how wonderful it would be? :)

Okay... I'm off knock a few things out while I can. Going to plop a Pork Lion in the crock pot so dinner will be ready before the game tonight. Oh, have I mentioned how this quite house thing is awesome? ..... enjoy your day, I know I sure will! :)

I'll leave you with a few encouraging words.... now, get busy & do something that you LOVE & that makes you HAPPY! It will change your whole day :) peace out!

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