Monday, April 23, 2012

Recap of the week...

... it's been an entire week since I've sat down at the computer long enough to actually post. This past week was non-stop... I seriously felt like all I did was go-go-go. Some of it was partly due to Darryl moving into his new office, some due to just life as a busy mom, busing kids here, there, and everywhere in-between. But, some of it was brought on myself. I did a lot of extra running around last week that just did me in. Fun, yes... but neccessarly needed? no. I know how much I need down time.. a slower pace, if you will. I find that when I don't allow myself to slow down, it starts to take a toll on me. I've been more tired that usual, a little bit on the snappy side, too. I don't like that. So, hello, new week! I greet you with a smile & welcome the opportunity to slow down as much as possible over the next few days. I find that even one down day does a world of difference, so... hello, Monday... it's very nice to see you!

Bootcamp & Kickboxing kicked my butt again, but.... well worth it in the end. :) Bootcamp class was packed, & I had a new lady next to me on one side, and a girl I talk to quite a bit on the other side. I warned the new lady to hold onto her britches, because this class was pure insanity. I noticed she was struggling in the beginning, so I was worried about if she could hang. I'm telling you, this class is not for the light hearted---> our instructor is all business!. After about 5-7min., when she told us to grab our heavy weights... we get back to our spot and I noticed the new lady was gone. I thought, "hmm, maybe she just went to the restroom, she'll be back". But then another 5min. passes, then she tells us to grab our medicine balls, that we're going out to the gym (lunges w/ the medicine ball, and laps.. lots & lots of laps w/ the medicine ball). I look over at the other girl who I work out beside & said, "Um, I think we lost our new friend" she then proceeded to share that another lady bailed & said, "They're dropping like flies!" Her friend was cracking me up.. we were doing the lunges across the gym & she piped up & said, "This is like an abusive relationship... you just keep coming back for more!" I was laughing so hard.. she was a hoot, such a cut-up you have no idea! Class was tough, as always, but so amazingly exzilerating! I love it! Tomorrow (Tuesday) is bootcamp again... [excited].

Remember how I was inspired by this DIY beauty:

and how I was toying around with the idea of gettin' all funky with some yellow paint & re-facing the Armour that is just sitting out in my garage? This little beauty inspired me & I so wanted something similar for my craft room. I showed the picture to D and he was on board and told me to go for it! Well, mid-week I just happened to go on Craigslist & check out the furniture section. I had just peeked in on a DIY/Decorating blog that I follow and she scored a free dresser on there and refaced it into the most amazing piece. I was inspired, so... onto Craiglist I went. I was going through a few listings that caught my eye & then THIS little cutie just sat there... starring back at me:

It was JUST the color & style I had in mind! Call it fate, if you must! And, the price was too good to pass up! I called the husband, because well... I'm good like that, telling him how I found this beautiful yellow hutch that is distressed, and yellow (yes, I shared that it was yellow at least 10 times in that one conversation), and how it was just perfect! He told me to call the guy and tell him that I wanted it. So, I called & left a message. No answer. I emailed me, no response. I called him again.... basically begging him to call me back. Notta. I wanted that hutch. So, I called him.. again... made some funny about not being a stalker, I swear, but how I really-really-really want that hutch, that it's perfect. After 3 hours, he called me back & sister drove 25min. to a flea market to look at it. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I remember calling Chelcey, squealing that the dude called me back, she was freaking out about him being some Craiglist killer (come on, we all think it....), but I told her relax- it's at a Flea Market and if it looks shady, I'll leave. Promise. :) He wasn't a killer, and the place wasn't shady.. it's now actually my favorite flea market EVER.. and, my beautiful new yellow, distressed hutch was delivered that afternoon. [love].

I woke up Friday just knowing I had to go back to that Flea Market-- they had so much vintage-goodness there that my heart & mind was racing. When I went to go see the hutch a few days earlier, I literally had 10min. to spare before I had to drive back home & start picking up my crew, so... no time to look. I did a quick run through the store & spotted so many awesome things and their prices were AWESOME! So, Friday I stopped by another Flea Market not far from my house called "Peddlers Mall", I have a favorite booth in there-- lots of cool shabby chic/vintage finds. Scored a few more of some chalkboard tags that I bought a few weeks back, then left in a hurry so I would have plenty of time to shop at the Flea Market 25min. away. I found so many good finds while I was there. I swear I was walking around that place with a smile plastured on my face, sister LOVES vintage stuff---> and I LOVE thrifting more than you know. The thrill of the hunt? ah.. nothing like it. :) I looked at my phone & boy, did time get away from me fast! I only made it to half the store, with a cart full of vintage pretties, & it was time for me to go. Several ladies in the check-out line commented on what awesome things I found :) I was bouncing off the walls, big smile on my face, held up my BIG 'ole mirror, announcing in shock, "This is only $15, I have big plans for this beauty!" I had lots of people smiling because they probably have never seen someone so giddy before in all their life. :) I'm excited. Now, I just need to spend less time shopping/hunting, and more time doing/making. I have spray paint projects galore, the decorating of my craft room,... so---> maybe this will be the week. :) I will share all my flea market finds in my next post. I haven't taken pictures yet, so... keep your eyes peeled. :)[giddy].

Friday evening Savannah had a swimming party to go to. She was quite excited about this one, let me tell ya! We were dashing out the door when I realized we needed a card (oops!). I did what any crafter would do, I ran downstairs, and threw one literally minutes. Cardstock & stickers, you saved the day! Nothing fancy, but c'mon.. the thing will get thrown away, anyways. :)

Problem #2: No envelope that the card would fit in I simply used the cellophane that some letter stickers came in, put the card in it, folded over, sealed with a sticker- voila! Perfect fix. Free Card.

After we took Savannah to the party, Aspen & Addi and I headed off to the Mall. Yes, the mall.. on a Friday night. I know, um, shoot me now, already, right? I knew it would be nuts, but the girls asked to go and since Savannah was off swimming, it was the least we could do. We had a good time, though. Lots of smiles and that's what it's all about. We watched Savannah swim for a bit, then headed home.... late, 9:30pm, but everyone had a good time, so all was good!

Saturday morning we had a soccer game. It was FREEZING outside, wet and cold.. but, we all survived. :) Darryl had the Men's Ministry group help over at the new office, and then had their church board meeting there. It was the first game that he missed and wouldn't you know it... the first game that Addison made a goal! Aspen was on fire, too... she scored 4 goals. Addi & Aspen are maniacs out on that field, let me tell you! Aspen even hit the ball off her head, Addi blocks it with her leg, it's crazy! I had several parents come up to me afterwards to tell me how good the girls are :) made me smile. We won, 5-4 and they were so pumped after the game. :) I love soccer season just as much as they do, lots of fun!

We stopped for lunch, headed off to Bullet county to pick up Courtney from a friend (another 20min. drive), then headed off to Darryl's office to help unload/unpack. He has a BIG meeting on Weds. of this upcoming week, so they are trying to get everything set up, functionable, before then. LOTS of work, let me tell ya! He's been working 7am-10pm every night... non-stop. He's SO tired, it's not even funny.

Sunday morning Darryl headed off to the office, so I took the girls to church. After church I had to run out & get all the guys lunch at the office, then I took the girls swimming. :) They had a blast.

That evening, as I was cooking dinner, Chelcey joined me. She found a recipe for lasgana roll-ups, and was excited to try it for her and Sean. So, we both cooked, chatted about life & life plans, and did a lot of laughing :) It was nice.

The Invisible Fence dude showed up on Tuesday to install Sammy's fence. He's doing really well with it. The collar is only set on a beeping sound right now, but Sammy doesn't like it, so he learned real quick not to cross the flags. Even when I don't have the collar on him & I'm walking him in the backyard, he will look at one of the flags, just sit down, and then look around our entire yard as if he's taking in where all the other flags are. He really is a smart dog. Weds. of this week the trainer comes out to work with him & to set the collar on the lowest correction. (eek). Not looking forward to that, to be honest with you. Right now, it's only a beeping noise.. after Weds. it will be a "zap". Then, the next visit will be an increase in the correction. Poor Sam-Sam. BUT, I know how much happier he will be once he's fully trained out there & can run free. Hopefully he will keep up this fast learning pace & he won't have to get zapped more than a few times to "get it", ya know? Poor, puppy....

Okay, have something on my heart that I want to share, but Darryl just called and asked me to come out to the office. So, need to throw myself together (so much for bumming out in a sweatshirt all day, ah... big plans of nothingness, how you failed me so.) Sister needs to bail, so......

enjoy your day... & hopefully I can share more later this evening. It's testing week for the girls this week so you know what that homework!. THAT is a small dose of happiness right there, let me tell ya. :) So, I should hopefully have a little more downtime this week.. wish me luck. :)

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