Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Rambles...

First day back to school after break, and well... it wasn't so bad after all. We left the house this morning about 15min. earlier than normal, and no... it wasn't because I was eager to send my kids off to school. I actually prefer to have the girls home with me. But.. our fridge has been making a wonky sound.. like a moaning cat of some sort, and don't worry--> Sadie, our cat, is within view, so it's not him! but this was going on for a few days. Yesterday I noticed the temp was reading 45 degrees, which told us that "Hello McFly, something ain't right...." So, I moved all the stuff that I knew was salvageable out to the fridge in the garage, D put a call into the service guy (who I'm still waiting on, mind you...), and now we wait. But, no fridge & a lot of food that I ended up throwing away because, well... sister don't play like that, (I didn't want to risk getting anyone sick) meant we needed to make a dash to fatty-McDonalds for the girls for breakfast. Naturally, since it was a Monday.. the drive to school took twice as long, traffic was at a dead stop, but we still managed to get to school on time... with not a minute to spare, mind you, but... on time nonetheless. success!

I had big plans to grab some energy & dash onto work-out class at 10am, but.. let's just say that energy was no where to be found. The class on Monday, stepping class.. *gag*, isn't my favorite anyways, so.. I told myself there's always tomorrow.

I met D out at the new office building to help him pick colors for the accent walls he's having done, and to finalize the colors for the office furniture which is being ordered today, in order to be here by Thurs. I love that he respects my opinion on these kind of things.. makes me smile. :) He was cute though, when I got to the office building he was on the phone. He waved & smiled. I stood there beside him for about 5min. as he was wrapping up his call. He smiled, covered up his phone, & whispered, "I really like your toes!" :) Why, the color is Sea-green, thank-you-very-much. :) Cute that he noticed! :)

After I left there, I had to go and pick up some sample paint colors for D, then had about 15min. to kill before I needed to pick up the girls from school. And well, it just so happen to be a few minutes from Goodwill, so... I did what any good thrifting-loving sport would do, why.. I mosied on in, of course! It was a speedy trip... I passed on a few good things that I was eyeing, but I did spot this little shabby chic shadow box.. and for $2.50, how could I say no? I mean, look at that frame.

I also found a black slip for $2.50 which I have plans for. It's a little long for this short-legged girl, but.. sister has something up her sleeve-- so just wait & see. :) Yep, just add it to the list of projects on my "to do" list. I mean, what's one more, right?

My husband surprised me yesterday by cleaning out my car..(now that was a chore!) and filled my gas tank up for the week. Sweet, I know, right? The girls spent a few hours with their Aunt Sue-Sue at JoAnn's. Savannah is obsessed with the show H20 & wants to make a mermaid tail. I say let's just order one off of ebay.. bonus: Halloween costumes are accessible all year long. However, little girlfriend came home yesterday with a McCalls Sewing Pattern (for the record, reading sewing patterns is not one of my specialities), and some fabric for us to sew the thing. Again, I reasoned with her..."Sis, I bet we can find a really cool one online" but, I think she wants us to attempt this one. So, what can ya do? Ya gotta love my DIYer gal. So, wish me luck on this one..... (yikes!).

We had family movie night last night--> Happy Feet 2. Anyone who knows our family (knows) that Happy Feet is our favorite movie. I swear D & I have seen that movie at least 30 times. for real.... There were nights where he & I would watch it together...without the kids. Yeah, we're easy like that. :) But Happy Feet 2? Kind of a let-down. Savannah loved it, of course, but the rest of us all agreed that it was nothing like Happy Feet 1. Glad we waited to rent it on DVD at Redbox and not spend the $40 to watch it at the movies. Smart move!

Today, in addition to the Sea Green Toes, I rocked out this little beauty:

If you know me, you know how much I love wearing flowers in my hair in the spring & summer-- such a cute accessory and it dresses up a simple little ponytail. I (love) these crochet flowers... I have several different colors & honestly, I think they are my new favorite! :) [love].

THIS little beauty is inspiring me:

... and, it just so happens that I have a TV armour outside in my garage that may.. just may.. be looking at a make-over soon. I love the thought of painting it mustard-y yellow, distressing & adding shelves to the section designed for a TV. Hubby is all about it & told me to go for it! Of course, I need to make sure it's going to work where I need it to work, do a little more research on getting just the right paint finish... and then, we shall see! I mean, why not, right? So, stay tuned... :) On other on-going painting projects... I'm planning on finishing up Aspen's chair for her new desk this week. :) Yay!!!!

Tomorrow is a big deal for the Samster..... his electric dog fence gets installed. The dude will be here at 8:30am, which stinks.. because that means it's doubtful that I'll be able to make it to my 10am workout class, but... it's all for a good cause. The poor dog has gotten quite chubby because he doesn't get enough exercise. It sounds like it'll be a good 2-3wks. before he can be let loose in the backyard, solo.. until he learns where the boundaries are, but.... once he is trained, I may just have to buy him one of these outfits:

because he won't know what to do with himself! I'm nervous about the scenic route walk-path right beside our home, Sammy goes crazy barking at all the walkers & other dogs all the time, so.. we'll see how that goes! We're going to be putting up a privacy fence soon, but until then.... I just hope he doesn't try to cross over. I mean, could you imagine? yikes! He'll be SO happy though when he can chase all the squirrels (run for your life is all I have to say... he about breaks my arm from the leash to get to 'em). I'm excited for him, though... :)

Okay, Savannah had Art Club today and honestly, I don't know what has gotten into that girl! She's done a load of laundry, folded the towels, Changed out the trash-can, swept the floor, and now is wiping down the counter. She keeps commenting about how she needs to see a Dr. because all she wants to do right now is... clean. Pfft, Dr. my butt... let it roll, Sissy.. let it, roll!. Addi wants to play volleyball and is annoyed that Savannah wants to clean. hahha.... She did the dishes (hand wash, mind you) the other day... all I gotta say is GO Sissy, with your bad-self!

I'm outta here.

:) Peace out!


BeckyD said...

You look beautiful girl! I love that D noticed your toes! So sweet! I miss ya girl!

chrystal said...

Thanks, Becky!!! I'm glad that you found me... Oh, how I miss you! How are the girls? How have YOU been??? Drop me a line, girl... it's been too long! Tell all my chicks that I said Hi & that I miss them, too!!!!.... so happy to hear from ya, girlie!!!! :) Hope you're doing well!!