Saturday, May 12, 2012

Laid back weekend....

It's been a really laid back weekend, and ah.. it's felt so good!
The girls had a friend spend the night last night, so that kept them busy. Savannah and Addi have just gotten back into playing Barbies again over the last few weeks, so that's been really nice. Their friend Holly spent the night, an old friend from our previous neighborhood, so they had a "Barbie Bash" all night long. They, of course, stayed up way to late, but they laughed all night..I love nights like that, just makes my heart smile. Courtney spent the night with a friend, so the husband and I enjoyed some quite time, just hanging out. It was nice.

We started our morning off with an away soccer game and ah man, was the other team agressive. It makes me laugh because it's always the smallest little girls that are the most agressive and take no prisoners. I should know. I was that way as a kid, and watching my 2 peite girls do the same, when I see how fierce other little shorties are on the other teams, it makes me smile. You know what they say, dinomite cames in small packages. I've heard spunkiness does, too. :) We won, 1-0, thanks to a goal that Aspen made at a kick-off. It was a really good game, very competive. There was a little redhead girl on the other team who was quite the firecracker. Addi got the ball from her and the little girl called her a brat! Another little girl on the other team, when Aspen was trying to get the ball, screamed "Move!" at her. Nice sportsmanship, don't ya think? But, you will always have kids like that... that's why I always tell my girls how important it is to show Christ-like attitude and behavior, even when it's hard. Little Addi accidently made a girl fall when she took the ball away from her, Addi placed her hand on the little girls back and said, "I'm sorry, are you ok?" and the other little girl shot her a look... oh, did she! She wasn't happy, but... falls are going to happen. Just proud that my girl did the right thing.

After we got home, the girls all played while D took a short nap, and I played with little Sam-Sam outside. :) He's been doing really well with the electric dog fence, he hasn't tried to excape once. Go Sammy! He (loves) running free, oh my... we play with this big ball and I swear the dog is going to have a heartache... He's a manaic!

Right now he has to "drag leash" which means he can run free, but with his leesh still attached to him just in case of the event he see's a "distraction" (ie: something on the other side of the flags, his "boundary zone"), I can then grab him back fast enough. This week, he still needs to be "supervised", with me out there "just in case". Next week, he will be able to be left alone outside for 15min. intervals with me up on the deck. But the funny thing is, when I'm out there with him now, he stays with me wherever I go. I've tried to talk him into going out in the yard solo, but it rarely happens. And if it does, he stays in "his normal area", it cracks me up! He's loving it though, and so am I! He and I have been having a lot of fun out there, just running around, chasing one another... it's funny, because as much of a headache this darn dog was the first year of his life..ah, that lovely puppy stage... he and I have bonded like crazy. Man, how I love that dog! :)

After the girls little friend went home, the girls broke out the skateboard and decided to strut their stuff. They had a blast!

Chelc & I hit up a moving sale up the street, scored these 2 little finds... quite the deal. Funny, because I have seen this at Marshalls for awhile now and have contemplated several times if I should get it. I just didn't want to spend the $20 on it.... And, low and behold... scored both of these for $5. Sister loves a good deal... and this will look perfect in my scrapbook room. I passed on a really cool chair for $3, that I could have painted the bad boy, reupholstered the cushion part (easy fix), & gave it a whole, new look... and besides, the thing was $3!!! But, I passed. I know, can you beleive it?. :) Makes me excited for yard sales, though... sister loves a good deal. :)

Later this afternoon, Darryl, Sean, Chelcey, Savannah & Addi packed up the poles, and went fishing. As for Aspen & I, we just chilled at home... girl bonding time. :)

So...nice, little laid back weekend... just the way I like it.

A few photo's from last week that I never got around to sharing....

Savannah's school had "Derby Day" at her school, and Sis made a Derby hat in art class, made out of paper. :) They had to dress up in their "Sunday Best", where the girls got to prance on stage, showing off their derby hats. We then had a Derby Luncheon (a pot-luck), and then we got to see the transformation of Savanah's classroom.... the theme was Rain Forest. The kids and teachers worked so hard on this room, the picture doesn't do it justice. It was so cool!

Since Savannah had a half day that day, she and I ventured to the nail place... momma got her nails done since we had the private dinner party that evening, while sissy had hers painted turqoise, adorned with white flowers. Total cuteness right there. We finished our day off with some shopping, of course. Good bonding time, it was really nice.

and.. here are a few of Courtney and Sam-Sam :)

And...I'll leave you with soccer pictures from last Tuesdays game. I know, you seen one soccer picture of other people's kids, you've seen 'em all. Hey, what can ya do? :)

Peace out!

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