Saturday, May 12, 2012

Snow White...

I have officially dubbed myself as Snow White. I just can't help myself. If you really must know, one of my morning routines is to grab more than enough bird seed, along with un-shelled pistachio's, sea-salt almonds, peanuts, unsalted sunflower seeds, and even some 5 grain wheat crackers..(you use what you have on hand, people)... and I sprinkle all the goodness across my deck railing, then sit back and wait for my squirrlly & bird friends to make their way to the feast.

I just can't get enough of it. Hey, judge if you must... so, maybe sister enjoys nature, it could be worse.Actually, my husband, I'm sure, thinks I've lost it. I feed these little guys in the morning, and they have came to expect it. Mr. Squirrly guy will venture up on the deck around 7am, and look around if I haven't already put the stuff out. Almost to ask, "Hey, what's the hold up?"

We have quite the posse of squirrels in our backyard. You can see up to 10-15 of these suckers running around all the time. Sammy is now "simi-free" with the electric dog fence, and the other day.. he spotted a squirrel and took off as fast as he could. Quite the close race, that I will say, but homie the squirrel got away...even though the Samster was trying to jump the tree. Quite the sight if you can imagine. Sometimes, we can get up to 5 squirrels on the deck at once.

It's quite entertaining. Yes, people.. I'm all about embracing the simple things in life, and for me, nature happens to be one of them. Chalk it up to age if you must, but I really like watching these little fluffy little guys. Then, you add the cardinals (usually 2 or 3 at a time, one female, the other 2 males), a BIG 'ole blue jay (I never knew these birds were so darn tall, wow!), we have LOTS of little bitty birds, woodpeckers, even a whole slew of pigeons, who oddly enough, I think are super cute! It's quite the party out there throughout the day. :) Then, you have the crazy crows & black birds that come and try to take over. I mean, really, who do they think they are, anyways?

I'm going to start my container garden over the next few days (excited), so I'm a little nervous that these little suckers are going to rob me clean. We shall see though, we shall see.

We are also hoping to get our pool permit this week, so we can start on this big endeavor soon. We have a couple of trees in our backyard that will need to be cut down as they don't fit into the plan, one being the tree that sits right next to our deck....the tree that serves as the pathway for the squirrels to get on and off our deck. I'm sure they will be thrilled when that happens.

Sadie cat has been in Heaven over here. He sits next to the window, or the door, or on the kitchen table chair just staring down everything and anything that makes its way onto the deck.

So, there ya go! A little peak into the simple things that make this chick smile. :)

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