Thursday, May 3, 2012


....coming up for air for a bit, so I thought I'd pop in.
I'm stressed.

It's been a really, really busy week.. and there's no end in sight. Tonight is Darryl's company private dinner party for their biggest clients who are in town for Derby. Finding a dress for this thing hasn't been fun, after days of shopping coming up empty, Savannah & I went to Dillards today and I found 3. I bought them all. I have no idea which one I'll end up wearing, nor do I even like the 3 that I bought. I was desperate, I was so done with shopping, you have no idea. It's a late dinner, 9pm, with a whole bunch of people that I don't know, nor do I even have the desire to go. It's Derby weekend and the traffic and crowds are draining me, honestly. After running around all week long, and then topping it off today with all the crowds & traffic... stressing out about the next 24hrs., I had to hold back the tears in the car. I don't do well with a hectic lifestyle. I don't do well with a bunch of people that I don't know. I'm simple, I crave and need simple. It's not that I just want this kind of life, I need it. It seems like the days of simple have been far & few lately, it seems ever since Benny started staying with us. Before then, I finally felt so balanced & just peaceful before all that happened. And now? I am needing down time, quite time, and I don't see this happening anytime soon. The end of the school year always brings on so much craziness in itself, then add the other biggest contributor...Darryl's company. My heart goes out to him because he is so high in demand in business... his phone never stops, the emails never stop, his poor mind never stops. That BIG meeting that he had last week that kept us all on the go-go-go???? They submited an LOI (letter of intent) for 10 more hotels, each of which he has ownership in, which means....get ready for more crazy over the next 60 days until it's final. Thankful, yes... happy for Darryl for his company growing so much over the last year, yes... but add all of his crazy-busy craziness on top of all my crazy-busy craziness because of the girls.. and well, sister needs a breather.

After tonight, this dinner party, we then have to get things lined out for the girls because Darryl and I will be getting in a car at 5:30am, and driving to Springfield, IL to attend a funeral of one of Darryl's friends & client. He passed away a few days ago and though Darryl took a Charter plane to Springfield, IL today to attend the visitation (arriving back in town 30min. before this dinner party), he feels we need to be there for the funeral tomorrow at 11am. I asked him if he could go by himself, but he asked I go with him so we can stay over, so he can be there for Art, his partner and best friend of Charlie, the man who just passed away. The thought of leaving town with the girls here just stresses me out. The coordination of driving to & from school, making sure they are okay, making sure the dog is taken care of, just everything. I feel overloaded right now and I hate this feeling. I just want to get tonight over with, get the next 24hrs. over with. Then, we will get back in town late Saturday afternoon, just to be welcomed back with a busy, hectic Sunday. Summer can't come soon enough.

Sorry for the venting session.... I needed to let it out so there, it's out.

I have lots of pictures from this week to share, but... not today. I need to get things lined out for tommorrow since we leave bright & early (sigh....), then I need to get in the shower & start the primping for tonight. I think a nice glass of red wine should be on the agenda this evening, don't you agree? Pfft, me too!

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