Monday, April 30, 2012

A Little Spray Paint Action...

Since Darryl took the girls fishing both Saturday and Sunday, that left sister over here with a little free time. Sure, lots of cleaning and the organizing of my pantry (which I'm still gloating over...) left me feeling awesome because this chick simply loves the feeling that progress & productivity leaves this little heart of mine. However, there's just something about getting your hands all splattered with colorful paint and watching the transformation of flea market finds come to life.

It was such a beautiful day yesterday, perfect weather to throw down a sheet outside, grab all sorts of thrifting goodies, & just go to town!

The before's...
I scored this little chair at Goodwill about a year ago, yeah... it's been waiting on me for that long. Snatched this baby up for $5.00. I knew it had potential for Aspen.
This is a Ballard Designs "C" that I scored at the Flea Market a few weeks ago for $3.00.
I fell in love with the frame of this mirror at the flea market. My little $5 beauty... I knew she would be beautiful with some color. :)
My $2 ugly picture that I saw the potential in at the flea market. I really liked the frame & since we're fixing up an extra side-room in Aspen's room for her "office area", I knew I could add some paint to this bad boy, and turn it into a cheap cork-board for her.
here's the ugly frame after I removed the ugliness of the 1982 picture :) See the potential? Yeah, me too.
After...amazing what a little spray paint magic can do, no? :) I found a brown cushion at Walmart for Aspen's desk chair for $5.00. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind, looking for something with a little more color, but it will do for now. :) Couldn't beat the price!
Here's the after of the mirror w/ the funky frame. I took out the mirror, & splashed it with some watermellon paint. Loved how this one came out!
This was the ugly 1980 picture. I'm off to Micheal's today to turn it into a corkboard for my girl! She loves it!
and next... sister will be transforming these little beauty's:

I found another mirror (the smaller one pictured above) at Goodwill last week for $6 that looks almost identical to the one I found at GW last year that I ended up painting turqoiuse. I was quite excited :) Have some plans in this mind for both of these little guys. Courtney's dresser is on the agenda soon as well... so, stay tuned!

Progress is a beautiful thing!

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