Monday, June 18, 2012

A Few Little Rambles...

Ah, it's summer! You can always tell that it's summer when the days are fuller and your already full schedule becomes even more full. :) This past week was no exception. The girls cousins were in town all week, so that meant extra swimming, extra ice cream trips, extra get togethers, and extra smiles! They had a blast!

We've been swimming almost every day since school let out, minus a few days since it rained. But with the cousins in town, some days meant 'Double swim days".

We celebrated Baby James "Gotcha Day", in adoption terms this means the day his new Mommy picked him up from the orphanage, by going to Buca Di Beppo for dinner. We had a great time!

The girls went to the zoo twice in one week, once with Aunt Sue-Sue and the cousins while Mom over here spent a fun 3.5hrs. at the Doctors office, and then we decided to hit the zoo again the very next day, only this time- I was able to join them! We had a good time, esp. at the splash park.

Today we shipped Courtney off to church-camp for the week- she's been pumped for days! This will be her 5th year going, and she never gets tired of it! The girl packed way too much stuff this year, but she insisted on dressing cute, so.. what can ya do? She is almost 17.... :)

The girls have been having a blast playing with beads and making braclets, their playroom speaks for itself, oh, you have no idea! :) After we dropped Courtney off for camp, the 4 of us hit up Micheals, for the second day in a row mind you , and stocked up on more beads, and some other crafty goodness, including some tye-dye action!

I'll share our finished creations in another post! :) So, today we decided to stay put at home, get funky with some crafting and just enjoy some much needed down time. We're BBQing tonight once Dad gets home, and it's the perfect weather for it! Ah, beautiful day!!!

Man, don't ya just LOVE summer!? :)

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