Monday, June 18, 2012

Tie-Dye Fun...

Last summer, one of our projects was tie-dye shirts. The girls had a blast making them, but oh was it ever so messy! Well this year, we just found out that the girls camp colors for their team at church camp is "tie-dye", and though camp isn't until another 3.5 weeks away, we thought we would get a head-start. Since we've been on the go non-stop, we thought this would be a perfect project to tackle today since we decided to spend the day at home.

Last year, we ended up spending about $75 in supplies, a little excessive and a lot messy, though fun! But this year, we did things a little bit different. We found "Fabric Paint" in spray bottles, perfect for tie-dying, and at only $19.99. We snatched a couple of $3.99 tee-shirts from Micheals, and this project we were all in under $35.00. Pfft, it was looking better already! :)

I have to say that doing the shirts using this method was so much easier, and so less messy. The girls had a lot of fun, and the clean-up was very minimal.. always a plus! They simply twisted the shirts in the middle, squirted on some fabric paint, untwisted, then twisted other sections of the shirt following the same process. Easy-peasy!

..and, here are the final shirts.

They each did 2, and there's still enough fabric paint to bust out a couple we just need more Tee shirts!.

I think Savannah was happy with hers and will sport it to camp, but the other 2 are wanting to make some more and called these their "practice shirts", so...make more, we shall.

Super easy project and sure did keep them entertained! :) Pfft, I'll take it...

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