Monday, June 18, 2012

A Little Outdoor Update...

First things first, we have some Garden action. Can I get a Yee-Haa? That's what I'm talkin' about...Right now I'm growing cucumbers, zucchini, red & green peppers all in containers. We tried the mac-daddy garden a few years ago & it simply turned into a weed fest and honestly, a weed-fest is an understatement. I wanted to start small this year and then see where that takes us up the road.

this was the action a little under 2 weeks ago... cucumbers and peppers

And here are these bad boys are today...


Next up, Savannah's flower arrangment. :) She planted and arranged this sucker all by herself. :)

We had a big 'ole ugly pine tree chopped down in our backyard a few weeks ago that needed to be done for the pool area. I personally hated the tree but I love how it looks out there now....

We offically have the pool ordered, a magical feat in itself. Man, the amount of time that has to go into this endeaver is plain crazy! We had to switch from a gunite pool (oh, simply because we were quoted between $80,000-$125,000 JUST for the pool itself, no outdoor living area, no flooring/decking AROUND the pool...just for the stinkin' pool!), so... even though our pool plans were based upon a gunite pool, there was no way we were going to pay that much... that's just plain nuts! So, we ordered a steel liner pool in a speciality size. It still doesn't work with the pool plans the Architect did up, so... we're having to revamp a few things. But, what can ya do? They are suppose to start the first week of July and the pool itself should be in around July 15th. I guess they dig the hole in one day, put in the steel walls in one day, then pour the cement. While that waits, the tile/decking guy starts his work. So, we'll see how it all comes together. The girls are so excited, in their minds it simply can't happen fast enough. When you tell them July 15th, I think they expect all the work to be done in one day. :) Now, the debate has been whether or not we spluge on these lazer water beams/lighting the husband and girls want oh so bad. I think they look tacky and I'd rather use that money towards landscaping around the pool. But, I'm really out-numbered, so... I'm sure they will win. Help me, now!

Okay, there ya go! Nothing too exciting, but my container garden action is quite exciting to me and I wanted to share. :)

Peace out!

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