Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Little Halloween Fun...

A little Halloween fun was had over this way, just as it was over your way, too. The typical Halloween preparations took place. Trying to decide on this costume, or that costume. With 4 totally different styles and personalities, you can imagine how this process goes.

I tried to reason with Addi, my youngest. "Hey, Addi.. LOOK at this cotton candy costume, is it NOT the cutest thing you've ever seen in your LIFE?"

She smiled, I thought I had her reeled in, but... days passed and she kept hinting around, in her subtle "I don't want to disappoint you, but I really don't want to be a stinkin' piece of cotton candy" round about way. So, what can ya do? I get an A+ for effort, but... wasn't so successful in the end. I thought I had her sold, & lets face it, the kid will be ten next month... the days of a homemade Cotton Candy outfit will soon be gone. Could she not just cut a sister a break this year? So, instead of cotton candy (sigh....), she decided upon this:

I know, right? If you knew my Addi, you would understand. She also wore a mustache, just wasn't sporting it in the picture above. Last year, she was a cute little fairy (darling!), the year before that she was a cupcake.. yes, a cupcake, are you seeing why I was all gun-ho about cotton candy? So this year, when the kid pointed to the Super Mario costume and proclaimed, "Yep, that's the one!" I seriously chuckled & thought she was kidding. I mean, seriously? Super Mario?" She was very adamant that Mario was da man, so... I smiled, & said, "Well, then Mario it is!" She loved it, she looked super cute, and after she got home & tried on the whole get-up she claimed it was the best costume, EVER! Hey, works for me!

Savannah has been reading "Wizard of Oz" for reading mastery at school, a revised version, but she has really been enjoying it. So, she was all about being Dorothy for Halloween. Pfft, easy enough! Courtney found a DIY Dorothy Costume on youtube that I was *most* excited about making. I mean, the homemade cotton candy costume fell thru, at least I could get crafty with one of my girls, right? I was all about it! I was ready to plasture mod podge and red glitter all over a pair of tennis shoes, this is a "no sew" project & honestly looked like a breeze! I was ALL in! I was imagining a cute little basket with a nappy-haired stuffed animal dog we have to use as Toto. Girl, I was ALL about it!! Then... "yeah, I don't think I want to be Dorothy anymore.. but I'm not sure what I want to be!". Typical! So, we found a cute Hello Kitty costume online, and we figured if we could modify it a bit (the store-bought costume had a pink tutu (she wasn't a fan), and... that said tutu was maybe like an INCH long. Okay, totally exaggerating there, but.. as a Mom of little girls, I'm sure you can feel me, yeah.. Sister don't play like that. So, I purchased a longer RED tutu off of ebay, and.. by golly, we were in business. :) This was her final get-up:

Then, you have Aspen. This kid has a very laid back, sober kind of personality. Just rolls with the flow of life.... doesn't show a lot of emotion, or reaction to anything. She's just chill. :) 3 years ago she went as "herself". Yes, very original, I know... but hey, it worked for her. :) The next year, she wanted to repeat that costume, but we talked her into just going as a soccer player-- plopped on her soccer jersey & called it a day. She was thrilled. :) Last year was really the first year the kid found something that actually excited her: a fairy like chick. She was cute, very put together.. even wore make-up & curled her hair all fancy-smancy (I know, right?)... this year was interesting. She had it in her mind that she was going to be Sundrop Girl.

You know, drop it like it's hot, drop it like it's hot!", yeah.. that one. We had a church Halloween party, dubbed as "God's Creation Party", and vs. going as "Sundrop Girl", she went as.. are you ready for this? Herself.

Oh, she rocked it out, don't think she didn't. And, as a Mama to all me when I say you just learn to roll with it.

Halloween night she was her typical "laid back, not a lot excites me" attitude and didn't really know if she wanted to 1) Go as Sundrop girl 2) Go as a Nerd or 3) Just not go & stay at home helping her big Sister, Courtney, pass out candy. We were about 30min. before leaving to go trick or treating and this girl still didn't know which of the above she was going to embrace. As an outsider looking in, one would assume that our house would have been very chaotic & this little girl would have been freaking out because "OMG, we LEAVE in 30min. & I don't even know what I'm being!". But nope, you have it all wrong. She was laying on her bed all comfy.. in sweatpants, mind you, laptop in hand, and just laid back like life just stopped and eeh, not a big deal. Yes, this is my daughter. So, we have learned to just embrace her hippy-style "go with the flow" personality, slow pace way of life, and all was good. Once she found out her friend Holly was going to rock out the trick or treating gig with us, she perked up... put the "Nerd" get-up on, and off we went. Yeah, that's how we roll. :) **sorry the picture is blurry, used the phone.**

Courtney decided to dress up like a cat. A very pretty back cat. :) This girl turns 17 in just 2 weeks. Ah, impossible!

I decided to get a little festive and embraced some orange & black. I know, how ever did I contain myself? :)

It was cold, we did (a lot) of walking & candy gettin'... you guys know the rest of the drill from here. The girls had a blast & Mama was quite thankful that they didn't bring home any good candy this year, because these hands don't need to be rattling around in those bags. I asked 2 questions after we got home: 1) Did any of you guys get any rolos? (no). and 2) Did any of you guys get any candy corn? (no).. You see, these are my 2 ridiculous addictions as of late, and I'm happy to say.. it's been over a week and this chick has been "rolo & candy corn free". Hallelujah!

On that note, I'll leave you with some fun little photos the girls and I took while having a little fun in the Halloween store. I will share that I was crying so hard from laughter that after we checked out & got in the car, I took one look at myself in the mirror & my make-up was smeared (all) underneath my eyes. Oh, the shame! Nice of the 4 chicks that were with me to help a poor Mama out & let her know she's a hot mess, don't ya think? :) Oh, come on, like it even mattered! We had a great time, and with laughs like that, I say bring ON the smeared mascara! :)

Yes, even a Mama has to rock it out in the middle of the store, what can I say?

Peace Out, Homies!

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