Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Out the door....

Shew! Kids are out of the door, and I can finally take a deep breath! Mornings around here are always hectic. D ususally drives the girls in in the morinings which is a *huge* help. At the beginning of the year, we would drive in togeher, but.. being the high matience chick that I am, I would have to allow at least 30-45min. to get myself ready, on top of getting the 3 little ones ready, helping Courtney find whatever she needs in the morning (she's a lot like me in the sense tha she tends to wait until the last minute for things, not the best trait I could have passed down), in addition to packing snacks, getting breakfast, etc. We did great at the beginning of the year- but winters are hard for me. It's cold out and quite frankly, I hate getting out in it! So, him driving them in the winter has really helped. We were rushing this morining (thanks to that darn democratic debate last night), I hit the snooze button one too many times. So, no sit down breakfast- I just cut up some apples and oranges and out the door they went :) Everyone was in a good mood this morning, so..... hopefully they have a great day! Addi's pre-school class is having "Donuts with Dads" this morning, so D will at least get to have a donut or two with the Adster :)

Our stupid Yukon woudln't start yesterday morning. D was heading out the door to take them to school and the thing woudln't start. Our fuel pump went out about 4mo. ago, took it to a service station who charged us $1100, just for the thing to break down like 4 days later. So, we took it back to them.... they apparently "fixed it", then about 2wks later- it started overheating (badly!).. and woudln't you know it, the service station who DID the work is now out of business. Go figure, huh? So yeah, we got jipped and now our truck is worse off than what it was before. We have to drop it off at the GMC dealer this morining before 9:30am, so.. hopefully they can fix it so we can trade the sucker in. D and we to test drive the Aspen yesterday- don't really like it. I *like* the '08's, but they just seem so confined compared to our Yukon. We have the XL version (which is SOOO darn long, but it helps with the sanity because of our VERY LOUD CHILDREN), so any SUV that we've looked out (no extended versions) just seem too small. Because of the gas milage, we're trying to stay away from the extendeds, but.... we'll see. Hopefully we can find something that we like soon, because honestly, our truck has just gotta go!

Savannah has a denist appointment tommorow at our new denist, they called yesterday and were able to knock her appointment up due to a cancelation which is good. After that, then it's Aspen. Then Chelcey (who has a cavity- grrrr), then Court. Apparently my crown has been in at my denist since Jan, and I didn't know it. I had to shell out $1500 for work in December, so I purposly didn't go to my appointment because I thought it would cost that much again since it was a crown that needed to be on. I thought that denist was in our network, but they weren't. So, what should have cost me a fraction of what I paid, ... didn't. Well, they called and said that my crown is already paid for (explains why it was so much last time), so I guess I'll suck it up and go have it put on. I HATE denists, but... what can ya do?

D is wanting the girls and I to go to Chicago with him, leaving tommorow evening (Thurs) and staying through Sunday... this is the LAST thing that I want to do. Sure, Chicago has about 11 inches of snow... lets all drive down there to open up a hotel. The Homewood Suites (the property they are opening/managing) is scheduled to open March 7th, so they are scrambling to make the opening date and could use all the help they can get. I understand, and I would LOVE to go down if it was just D and I .... I opened up the AmeriSuites in Peoria, IL and LOVED the intinsity of it all... (man, I miss the hotel business.....), but when I will have to keep up with a 5, 6, and 7 year old while keeping them out of everyone's way, while working- running around, sorry... just doesn't seem like a fun weekend. If we had a babysitter, that would be one thing.... but we don't. So, that means the kids would need to come with, and well... how boring would that be for them? I keep telling him for HIM to go, leave tommorow- come back on Sunday.. but he's not getting it. So, we'll see what happens....... it's never what I want, so... I'm sure we'll probally be packing tonight. *ugh*.

I SO need to get to the post office today.... I've been SOOO bad about getting these packages off from ebay. Ugh.... I ran out of clear packaging tape and had to use this funky grey tape, awh man.. you don't know how ridiculous my packages look. LOL... Oh well, what can ya do? :) :)

I've been looking like the Marshmello puff girl lately due to all the salt. For example, yseterday... I had 2 plain taco shells for lunch (don't ask, I was craving those suckers)- which of course, is loaded down with sodium. I snacked on pretzels with Addi in the evening, and then I ate a turkey sandwich on onion bread (yum!) for dinner, but just *had* to have some plain "salty" lays chips with it (I like to put chips on my sandwich and smoosh them all up.. I'm just weird that way) :) .... so ugh, yeah.... you can imagine how LOVELY I look all swollen today. I can't understand why my body can't digest the salt. ANY thing salty I just blow up.... I really need to go in and see what's going on. But of course, I love drs. as much as I love denists... lol :)

We watched the debate last night... I am SOOOO into these debates :) I'm an independent but voted republician the last 2 races (my bad!!!).... but this time, we are really needing change and quite frankly I think Hillary OR Obama would do a good job as president. D just shakes his head (he doesn't like McCain (I can't stand him!) but he's a hard core republician, as his is family,... so they aren't too pysched about my choices. I kept telling him last night it's MY choice, so leave me the heck alone (lol). I mean really, is there a golden "rule" that you have to vote the same? Please..... I agree with what both parties stand for (or, so they say dyring this election, we all know how THAT goes the whole "tell us what we want to hear" from most politicians), but honestly, we NEED change- and I think both of them bring enough of that to the table to make a difference. So, we'll see... it's getting interesting though. I didn't like Obama OR Hillary *at all* in the beginning of this race (I liked Edwards to be honest with you, LOVE his voice and what a cutie-- lol (j/k)-- but I was SO oposed to both of them, and now? I'll be voting for whichever one makes canadate. Isn't that funny how things change? :)

I need to get to the store today and pick up a few things. Totally out of milk, bread, pepper (GOTTA have my pepper!!!), and a few more things. I'm making pork lion tonight and need to get that sucker in the crock pot, so... that's my que. Besides, we have to take the truck to GMC and I need to go work miracles. It's too cold to shower, so... that's just gunna have to wait :) I'll just skank it out for the day. :) Have a great day...

Oh, if anyone knows how to add a banner to the top of my blog *or* how to add music, PLEASE email me. I want to "fancy" this sucker up and add my own personality to it (so blah now), but don't have the slightest clue on how to do it. Thanks :)

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