Saturday, March 29, 2008

My FUNNY for the day....

Ok, Courtney came home from spending the night with her little friend last weekend and shared this video with us from You Tube- it is ABSOUTELY HELIAROUS!!!!.... The girls and I (and okay, Darryl, too :)) go around the house acting like Bon Qui Qui- "SUR-CURITY" "SUR-CURITY- THIS ONE NEEDS TO GO, NEEDS TO GO!".. WATCH this video, it is so funny! :) Bon Qui Qui Working at King Burger MAKE sure your speakers are on.. :) :) otherwise, you won't get it!! :)

I Promise it will make you laugh!!!! :) Mom- does this girl remind you of anyone we know?????? :) :) (walking away now in case she reads this and I get smacked...) LOL :) :)

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