Thursday, April 3, 2008

Come find me if I come up missing...

So, if I don't come up for air today, or I come up missing, do me a favor would ya? Come and FIND MY BUTT! I'll be getting all this stuff together for the Church Sale for tommorow (sale is on Saturday, but our youth pastor and few guys from the church will be here tommorow with the U-haul to get everything)... so, needless to say, I'll be DROWNING in stuff today. They were scheduled to come today (I was MORTIFIED and totally stressing out, beleive me, NO ONE deserves to have to witness our garage-oooh, the shame!)- but THANKFULLY that wonderful Man above [Um, GOD, hello!] was looking out for me and postponed them coming an extra day. :) THANK GOODNESS, or my anxitity would have been through the ROOF, I tell ya! So.. today is the day! I'm packaging up ebay packages this morning (been selling a TON of magazines on there- even opened a store- waking up to sales everyday is AWESOME!), then I'm "going in!". I need to run up and get some yard sale stickers that are pre-tagged so I'm not having to write anything on them. Oh, now THAT part I'm looking forward to. BUT.. it's almost here, and it's almost over! I posted an ad on Craigs list last night online, and noticed that there are like 10 other sales this weekend that I would LOOOOVE to go to. BUT- I'll be working ours, so... what can you do? *sigh*...

Addi had a denist appointment yesterday- had two fillings filled (her first time) and she did AWESOME- the kid didn't even fletch! Thank goodness for nitris! :) LOL- She was such a tropper! Then, D and I had parent/teacher conference at school with all 3 teachers and they are all doing SOOOOO well, I'm so proud of them! Aspen started off really rough this year in 1st grade (BIG transformation from K to 1)- but something just "happened" after Christmas break and she is getting high 90's and 100's on almost EVERYTHING- and her reading, WOW! Mrs. Chesser coudln't stop how impressed she was with her progress. She started off REALLY slow, and now? She is using expressions when reading and just zooms right on through! I'm so proud of her! Mrs. Passifume (Savannah's teacher) is an absolute blessing! We love her so much!! We had her last year with Aspen, and we'll have her again next year with Addi :) and we're so glad! Sissy is finally progressing (long story on this topic- but she's FINALLY recongizing her letters and most importantly, her SOUNDS). It's been a real struggle with Savannah, and I won't get into everything now (it will take too long), but there is something going on (for example, when she does her homework, she will turn her paper upside down to do it- it's like her brain processes things differently. I could go on and on, but I'm just so proud that something is finally "clicking" and she's LEARNING. We were recommended to have her tested (we think it's auditory (spell?)-- her balance isn't the greatest (she's very clubmsy), she still can't skip- she's a very "stiff" child in eveyrthing that she needs activity wise- she has a slow response time, the slow learning (she is more of a "visual" learner- if you explain something to her, she doesn't "get it". But if you SHOW her several times, she gets it), and... the struggles that we've had with her at home (the melt downs, the "it has to be done this way"). We chalked it up for so long that it was just her being difficult or stubborn, but honestly- I really feel there's more to it. For example, in the parking lot at school, I will have to tie her shoe strings no less than 10 times (the smallest tie possible), or she freaks out. She will scream/cry until it's "exactly" right. This isn't her being difficult, it's honestly like in her head she thinks "THIS IS THE WAY IT HAS TO BE DONE"... it's so different than what I've expierenced wtih my other girls. After talking to her Dr. about all of this, she agreed that we need to have her tested/assessed so we can address this now, should there be something going on, while she's young. I will go into more detail on all of this another time.... (I'm leaving so much out, but I think it's more as a "Mom" of wanting to protect her more than anything else). BUT-- like I said, I'll go into more details another day :)

On a more POSTIVE note :) I took the girls to the park again yesterday (we went on Tuesday as well) and they had a great time! Both Addi *and* Savannah learned to go all the way across on the monkey bars (Aspen is an 'ole pro!) :) So I got lots of pictures which I will upload later tonight :) They had a lot of fun and I think Spring might finally be here!!!

Tommorow is Grandparents Day at school and it's an annual thing for the Kindergarden classes to put on a program for the grandparents. So, I'll be sure to take lots of pictures :)

Ok, need to run and get busy! Ended up chatting more than I was planning on :) I'll pop in later to share lots of pictures (I have lots to share)- so.... see ya then :)

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Jennifer said...

Chrystal, sounds like my niece. She is very uncoordinated, can't hold a pencil to save her life (and she's seven) and has constant meltdowns over things not being "right". She has come a LONG way since she was a baby...she was in a constant state of meltdown for the first few years of her life. Her food had to be cut a certain way, had to look a certain way, her clothes had to feel right, etc. My in-laws nearly went nuts trying to figure out how to manage her, but they are all doing great now! :)