Friday, May 16, 2008

Awh.. it's FRIDAY!

.. and boy, am I ever so glad! This has been an extremly long week and since it started with a funeral, well... I'm just glad that this week is almost offically OVER! *shew!*....

The girls were suppose to have their field day on Thursday (it's always so much fun!), but because it rained like crazy on Weds, and they were calling for rain yesteray (boy, DID it rain!!!).. they rescheduled for Monday. I'm in charge of running the shock put game (I think I spelled that right).. lol :) So, we'll see how utterly exzausted I will be come Monday late afternoon. It's an all day affair... shock putting with each and EVERY one of the students at their school. So, hopefully I don't fall over :) Last year I volenteered as a parent helper so it enabled me to go around to each of the girls classes and help.. I really liked it (and they loved it!). I wanted to do that again this year, but they are really short on volenteers, so how could I say no? Hey- I get free lunch out of the gig (Marks Feed Store- GREAT Pulled pork sandwiches- lol)... :) It'll be fun.

Weds. was "Muffins with Moms" in Addi's preschool class... we went, but neither one of us ate the muffins (lol). :) We had a good time. Today, I had to take in Oreo's for her class- they are doing "Mud Pies" (love those! You know, the choc. pudding, with crushed up oreo's (as dirt) and ummy worms on top..I think there is one more ingredient)....D had to run to the store this morning for more oreo's (lol)... I bought them the night before last, but the girls conned me into opening them (I'm such a sucker!), so they taxed almost the whole bag (such health nuts, these kids of mine..)... so, we had to pick up another bag. :) D was thrilled with that, don't ya know. Her class went to the park first thing this morning- it's actually really chilly today (and still wet!), so I'm surprised they still went. Weds. is her class field trip to the louisville zoo :) so, I'm going with so that will be lots of fun. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures. :) Aspen heads to "Little Mermaid" play on Tuesday.. it's always a BUSY end of school year- but the kids love it!

Last week I went to "Mothers Day Tea" at school with Savannah and got some great photos :) I'll share those later tonight.

Chelcey's last day at school (THANK GOODNESS!) is next Friday.. she's so excited! The other girls go until the 30th (I think...). They had 2 snow days, and so this may have been extended until June 2nd. I need to find this out today! We're all SOOOO ready for summer. Yeah, I say that now.... (lol)... we ususally spend our summer days/nights on the boat, but with gas prices so high right now- I can't imagine how outragious the gas prices will be at the marina this year! Man.... our boat is still in storage, so we need to get that sucker out and figure out what to do with it. We had a boat slip last year ($1700) but we just aren't in a postion to dish that out right now. Dropping the boat in the water is a MAJOR pain the butt, so... we'll see what happens. :)

Our neighborhood is having a big neighborhood yard sale tommorow.... I just found this out less than a day ago (nice, huh?). part of me wants to take advantage of the free advertising (lol) and jump on it since we'll probally have a lot of people drive by... but man, trying to throw together a sale in a day?.. That part, I'm not so sure about! We could use the extra money and the thought of getting rid of MORE excess stuff is very appealing. However... do I REALLY want to commit to a yard sale? I have LOADS of bends organized by size to post on ebay (get more money), but because of the economy right now, even eBay is slow in sales..... I hate to waste $ on listing and final value fees. So... who knows! We gave away SO much to the church for their spring sale, donated so much to goodwill, PLUS tossed so much... yet, I still have plenty more to go. I'm probally sitting on a goldmind of "stuff" that we no longer need, let alone WANT...... and well, ya gotta start somewhere. So, we'll see... I'll let ya know if we decide to do it. :) Hey, a "little" sale woudln't be a bad idea I guess. we'll see if the girls are up to helping me get it together when they get home. (Don't hold your breath)... lol

I plopped a pork loin in the crock pot for dinner tonight.. smells oh so good already! :) I came across a ton of great crock pot receipes from board online that I have yet to try out. If you want me to forard them to you (there's a bunch!).. email me and I'll send it over.

Wow.. Chelcey just emailed me (again...) while she's in computer class :) The girl always emails me and I never get them until she's out of class. She just wrote and she fell over that I'm actually on the computer when she wrote... that girl! LOL... She is SOooOOOo ready for summer! :)

Ok.. I just finsihed up my dishes (still hand washing those suckers if you can beleive that, stupid dishwasher is still unworkable), dinner is in.. need to sweep the floor, throw on some make-up, ANYWAYS.... moral of the story? I need to sweep my floor and ebay, darnit! :) I'm hoping to meet up with Marrienne today at 2pm to walk around the track. I just found out that she loves to scrapbook (yeah!!) so we're going to get together and do some scrapbooking! Do you know how LONG it's been since I've even CREATED anything creative? Since before the magazine launched.. it's been THAT long. I'm SOOOO eager to get started again. I use to LOVE the creative process and it's sooo theroputic! Marienne and I told Melissa and Susan that we are going to convert them into scrapbookers... we both think that Susan is a "Closet scrapbooker" because it sure does sound like it (lol).... ANYWAYS... as Bon Que Que says, "Need to go!'.... so... LATER! :)

** pictures coming later... promise :) Lots to share!

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