Thursday, May 15, 2008

Freebie Friday, only ugh.. early!

ok, been doing [a lot] of frugal searching on the computer tonight and wanted to pass along some freebies I've came across.

Still haven't uploaded pictures from Savannah's "Mothers Day Tea" or Addi's "Muffins with Moms" or the other photos from the past week. Still lots to update you on, and I'll do that soon :) Just wanted to share some freebies with my girlies :) How about we declare Fridays a "Freebie Friday" day from this point forward. Every Friday I will share freebies that I find? Yeah, I know, I'm early since it's only Thursday.. man, me be early for anything? I think I'll fall over!!!


Get a FREE Redbox Rental You can find these at McDonalds or gas stations)- LOVE this concept.. this is the way we rent DVDs now :)

Free Quacker Oats Harvest Bars or Cereal

Kotex Pads(oh stop, their free, okay? :))

Quit Smoking.. Nicerderm sample plus $7 in coupons!cough-cough.. ooooh, MOOOOOTHER!!!!) :)

$10 off your $25 purchase at LOWES (love this one!).. just print it out!

Site for FREEBIESCheck this one out... for all wonderful FREE STUFF!

50 FREE prints from Snapfish I'm taking advantage of this sucker tommorow!

Okay, need to head out to the airport, in this messy rain, to pick up D from the airport. He had a meeting in Springfield and his flight gets in at 10:30pm.. about an hour from now, but I need to clean the kitchen up from dinner before I go.

Hope you enjoy the freebies :)

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