Monday, May 5, 2008

Prayers needed...

I will be posting a weekend recap later today, but wanted to send out a prayer request that is very much needed. A family we know from school, Melissa, Breanna, and Brad Ragland, *really* needs prayers right now. Brad had a seizure on Friday night [heart attack- out of the blue- he's always been healthy] and he's been unconcious ever since. He spiked a fever of over 105 degrees and he is non-responsive to pain, or anything. :( His blood pressure has finally stablizied today (thank God!), but it has been through the roof. They are doing a EGG and Catscan on him today to check for brain activity or brain damage. Please pray for postive results and for healing for Brad.... please also pray for comfort, a peaceful heart, and reassurance for Melissa and Breanna.. they could use all the prayers they can get right now. :( My heart has been heavy all weekend for this family, and after I spoke with them yesterday, I just lost it :( I can't imagine what they are going through as a family right now. It really puts things into perspective of how absoutely precious life is and how we take things for granted. We let life weigh us down with the little things that might not be going our way, we sometimes allow the bad things in our life take over and we lose sight of the very most important things around us. Problems are just problems.. they always have a way of working themselves out. Life is too short to take for granted.... each breath is so very precious.

Please hug those around you and tell them how very important they are in your life- no matter what the situation. Because come tommorow, it may be too late.

Thank you *so* much for your prayers for this family..... it really means the world to me. I'll update as soon as I know something. :(

I'll be back later.....

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