Monday, June 30, 2008

LONG Monday rambles...

Hey people...

Yes, I know... pictures! They are coming next, relax- would ya? :) I hope everyone is having a more productive day than me... I know, I know.. there are *plenty* of things aroud this house that I could be attacking right now to keep myself busy, but none of it sounds fun. :) A few things that are hovering over my head that I should just jump in a do?

- Fold Laundry (but come on, how fun is that? Maybe when i'm watching Dr.
- Pull Weeds/plant flowers (def. on my "to do" list for today- we bought some flowers the other night and they are starting to die, poor things... the NEED planted!)
- Clean out spice cabinet (the thing is a MESS, I tell ya!)
- Clean the girls room (mainly their dresser & their toy box)
- HANG THE PICTURE FRAMES IN THE HALLWAY.. can I just DO this and get it over with?
- Go through clothes and BAG THEM UP to GET OUT OF HERE. I have been saving all this crap for ebay, but honestly- I just want it gone! I keep saying maybe a yard sale is in order, but really.... do I really want to go through all of that
craziness of getting the thing ready to make maybe a measly $100? Ugh, not worth it. So- I need to just bag the stuff up and head to Goodwill. I'll save the better stuff for an ebay day (that hasn't happened in awhile, though....)... but really- we are drowning in clothes and I am SO done with the girls getting into the stuff that doesn't even fit them anymore and it always lands in my laundry room. Just need to simpilfy, I guess that's my motive here. I'm just overwhelmed with STUFF.

Which, brings me to yesterday...I had one of those spastic moments where everyone in my house thought that I was a mental case. Hey, it can happen- so just work with me here. :) Ya see, clutter/mess does several things to me. First, it overwhelms me.. and when I'm overwhelmed, I do everything BUT what I am suppose to be doing. I think this is pretty normal, umm... RIGHT? Anyways, I let the anxitey from the mess/clutter BUILD until I EXPLODE. Yesterday, well.. was one of those moments. I had magazines galore on our built in desk in our kitchen (from when I was doing the ebay thing) and also on a cabinet that we rarely use. I was sorting them there about a month ago, and well.. I just never put the things away! Well, I've been wanting to take all this stuff downstairs since I set up the 6ft table FOR my ebay stuff down there, but... just never did it. Laziness, I guess. Well, yesterday- I walked out on our back patio (from the basement door) and D still had ALL the tile work that he did MONTHS ago just laying all over the place out there. The girls had just random "stuff" thrown all over the place and there was a trash bag out there... I just lost it. WHAT OUR NEIGHBORS must think... what skanks, ya know? So... I lost it. Made the girls clean up their mess (which, they know better)... and I lost it on D because the boy does nothing but work. He can't even take the garbage out for crying out loud. And I'm not talking the garbage from the INSIDE-- that's another one of "my" jobs, but I'm talking about taking it out to the freaking curb! He does NOTHING around this house..... not even pick up after himself and well, a lot of resentment has built up, I guess.. coupled wtih everything else, I suppose. So... I lost it WHILE carrying down the magazines to the basement and he got mad because he had to do what "I" wanted him to do at that moment (he was working on the computer)--- I mean, come on! YOU made the freaking mess out there MONTHS ago, just go freaking CLEAN IT UP! I don't think that's ASKING too much. But, then I felt guilty because the magazine mess WAS my mess and well, I was a slacker,too. But still.... I do my part, ya know? He doesn't... so asking him to do ONE thing, I don't think, is asking too much. Anyways... I've came to realize that if something is bothering me (a particular mess or clutter) I need to disclipline myself to just TAKE CARE OF IT.. right then and there, to avoid the "mental break down" sessions that I sometimes exert. So... NOTE TO SELF: Add this area of my "need to fix" problems in my life to my "life makeover" as well.

Anyways... my desk is SPOTLESS in my kitchen (go me!), and the magazines are all downstairs, nice and neat, on the 6ft table. D cleaned up the downstairs patio, along with the girls, so.... I felt like at least SOMETHING happened yesterday.

Church was good yesterday.. we always get called out during alter call for some reason. Pastor Darren did it to us again... Well, Darren [Youth Pastor] made D and I go to the front where he said that he's been praying for us and that he felt that he needed to pray with us and how he kept getting that I needed "Peace" (so very true!) and how Darryl needed "Wisdom"... I mean, is God good or what? :) So, church was really good yesterday.... pretty intense.

Well, Chelcey and Courtney left with Chris today for 11 days..... Chelc no more got back and the kid has left again! I guess Chris has 11 days off for vacation, so they will finally be able to spend some good, quality time with him- which is a good! It's been awhile since they went down there.... about 3mo., I think... so- it'll be nice that they can hang out.

SO windy here today..the girls have been outside with Holly ALL afternoon playing kickball, having a good time. Me? I'm bored.... I keep telling myself to go grab some gloves and get outside and work out in the yard to enjoy this pretty weather, and will happen today, just not right now-].

I've been SOOOO obsessed with "Jon and Kate Plus 8" on TLC.... I think I've seen almost every single episode. LOVE it :) Savannah and Aspen are diggin' it, too.. and Court :) It's such a great show, I swear..... I could only DREAM I was as organized as Kate.... man, MUST be nice.

Ok, need to moving! Lots that I need to get done and I want to finsih at least TWO projects today so I can at least feel like I accomplished something. D is at the office- he's in a mood today because of the hotel in Orland Park, so... probally a good thing that he's there and not here. Hopefully he can snap out of it before he comes home.... ok, I wasn't the best to get along with yesterday, so... he's entitled, not saying he's not... but man, ya know?... Ok- I'll upload a few pictures so I can get busy!

See ya!

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