Thursday, July 3, 2008

Addi's big news.....


SHE CAN NOW RIDE A BIG GIRL BIKE.. without the training wheels, nonetheless.

and sometimes, she even rides in our neighbors yard :)

She's super excited about this, too. She learned a few days ago and thinks it's the absoutely COOLEST thing that has ever happened to her. Which, it probally is. I mean, really.. riding a bike. That's BIG time stuff. I can't keep her inside now... She loves it :)

Here she is yesterday :)

So.. there you have it! Addison's big news! AND... she's about to lose her first tooth! She's totally pysched about this, too. EVERY day she has me feel how much looser it is then yesterday :) It's so cute.... I bet she loses it before she starts kindergarden. :) Such a big kid, I swear....


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Mama On The Move said...

Awesome job Addison! I have been watching for the last couple of days to see the big news!