Thursday, July 10, 2008

THE best hair product.. ever!


Okay, this has got to be only the BEST product in the whole world. And now? I can't find the stuff ANYWHERE locally and it's *really* making me mad. It's hair serum, you know.. the stuff you put on your hair after you style it to tame the loose hairs down? Totaly makes yours hair silky soft WITHOUT weighing it down, which is a HUGE plus for me! Every hair serum I've ever bought has made my hair appear limp and just almost greasy (bleech!), so... when I found this product about 2mo. ago, I was in HEAVEN.. HEAVEN I tell ya! This stuff is THE BOMB!! I bought it at Kroger for about $9 or so and SINCE then, Kroger decided to cancel the line. Greeeeat! I *have* found it online, so I may just go that route. I went trailing all OVER the place last week searching for this stuff.... and no go! I even walked with the Manager of our Kroger store trying to find it :) LOL.. yeah, I need it *that* bad. So, if you guys are looking for an awesome hair product- you CAN'T go wrong with this serum! The stuff kicks some serious butt! Now, I will warn you.. do NOT buy their shampoo or conditioner. I bought some, spent about $25 for both shampoo and conditioner and that stuff gives your hair SO MUCH MOISTURE that it TOTALLY weighed my down. I LOVE big hair (you guys know that!) and well, flat hair on me just has NEVER looked right- one of the reasons I don't wear my hair straight. Anyways, the stuff DOES add lots of shine/moisture to your hair but man.... if you like big hair, stay away. HOWEVER, if you wear your hair flat and straight then honestly, try this brand! You will LOVE it....

AND... searching for this stuff online, I came across THIS product:

Apparently it's an "old school" hair creame that tames your hair and this product has gotten TONS of good reviews on hair sites that woman are saying it's the best thing since slice bread. They say to use just a little bit, but it's suppose to really make your hair smooth and silky-- isn't that what ALL woman want? So, yeah.. I've been on the prowl for this stuff too.. no go! However, I haven't looked at Wal-Mart (rarely go to that place anymore.. probally a good thing, too! I can drop $!00 in there in a blink of an eye on stuff that I don't even need... lol). SO... if you find this stuff, snatch it. Looks like it retails around $7/tube.... but seriously, heard it's awesome and when I ever FIND the stuff... I'll be sure to review it to the core. :)

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