Saturday, July 26, 2008

Louisville bound.. TOMMOROW.. YES!

Ok, I never -ever- thought I would be SOOOO very ready to go home until now! We left for MO to see the fam, which was great. D and I played cards w/ Grandma [D, the betting guy that he is, tried to get Grandma to go "double or nothing" and quite frankly, I wish she would have done it since SHE WON!] :) We stayed up until almost 3am playing cards.. we were all so zonked! I also [finally!!!!] seen my best friend Lisa and had lunch with her. FIRST TIME in my goodness, 2 years ago? Pathetic, I know.. but I'm glad that we got together! Savannah ended up getting sick.. again.. while we were in MO- throwing up, throbbing headache- but I think it was too much sun exposure, who knows! She felt better the next day though (thankfully!). After we spent 4-5 days (can't even remember) days in MO, we came BACK to Chicago [don't ask].. and I'm just SOOOooO ready to get back home!!!!... We've been here for a few days (3, maybe?) and I finally packed up the room today when D was down in the lobby, called him and said "WE ARE GOING HOME TODAY.. the room is packed and I"M READY!".. he, of course, wasn't too thrilled but was compliant to the idea. So, we loaded up the Yukon- went to Wal-mart (I had promised the little girls we would get backpacks before we left) and ended up buying a few more school supplies- then D asked if we could stay another night (he was too tierd to drive, interstate was backed up what seemed FOREVER)- so... we checked back IN- taking the last room left- so, the 7 of us are crammed in this king "shot gun" suite which is probally the smallest room in the whole hotel and the noise and crowdness is just really getting to me. I NEED to get home people.. I miss my "normal" life (no matter how boring that is).. I miss my house and the normalcy... I miss my freaking cat (who, by the way, is doing fine- Susan (D's sister) went over and piled up more food and water for him about 5 days ago).... just everything that we have to do to get ready for school... the haircuts, school supply shopping, shoes/unform/socks/undies/etc. shopping, we have book reports due that we haven't even STARTED on (yes, they have summer homework which is due on the first day of school... ugh- hasn't even been ATTEMPTED yet... just a lot to get done! I'm hoping to buy a new car before then too because we are going to be heading two different directions this year- maybe 3 if Chelcey can't get into CAL (not looking good right now- they are 110% full until Christmas break)-- so... that's been holding over my head. Just A LOT to get done. SO.. we're heading out of here EARLY!! (and yes Mom.. early will actually MEAN early tommorow.. I'm SOOoOO very ready!)...

I did have an easy day yesterday... they had a marathon of "Next Food Network Star" and OMG, I was in heaven! :) ALLLL day long I watched ALL the episodes and even caught a few that I had missed previously :) I was stoked! :) TOTALLY addicted to that show people.. so if you haven't seen it (on the Food Network Channel) CHECK IT OUT... the final show is on Sunday evening and I can't WAIT to see who wins! :) I love Adam and Lisa both, so... it's going to be fun to see what happens.

Addi woke up with a throbbing headache and was running fever this evening (great....), dosed her up with Motrin, put the wet washcloth on her head for about an hour, while she was laying down, and she's feeling a lot better. D was sick yesterday... I now am feeling queasy with a headache all day, so who knows... what ever the heck this thing is it sure is starting to make its round.. SLLLLLOOOOWWLLY, but surely!

Ok... just wanted to pop in and update you guys. Need to get these girlies to bed and myself..... I'm zonked, and I know they are! Hope everyone is doing good and pictures coming when I get home. I have a virus on my computer (BLEECH!!!)... so, as soon as that thing is fixed (planning on taking it in to the computer repair place once I get back).... but :) expect them soon!


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Tricia said...

Well thank God you are FINALLY going home!! I would have gone insane by now I think!! LOL