Friday, July 18, 2008

Still in Chicago, but all better!

Hey guys!
Still in the windy city [after this trip, I now realize why the heck they CALL it the windy city]. The girls are all better (thank goodness!) but yeah, we're still here. We were going to drive home today, but D had a meeting at their other property in Merriville [about 45min. away], so.. we decided to just stay another day. Now we're contemplating driving to Missouri from here to see the fam (waving.. "HI GUYS!") so.. we'll know for sure tommorow morning. My poor cat (yea, the one who lays all crazy) is probaly going to attack me when I walk in the door... I poured him a heap of food before I left, but I do this *every* trip we take and when we get home it's always empty... not one morsel left in his bowl. But, on the flip side of that, hopefully if we do have any mice in that basement, homey will get hungry enough to go eat them. :) Gross, I know.. but hey. It's all about that problem solving thing, right? Right.. So anyways, we'll see what tommorow brings.

We jetted out today with D to check out his other project in Mokena, grabbed some lunch, then the girls spent the afternoon at the pool... I swear we were there for over 2.5-3hrs., at least! Talk about water logged! :) They love it, though...

Nothing too exciting going on over this way. Chelcey and Courtney are downstairs in the lobby with D and his partner Tim (as in his BUSINESS partner, not his love partner... oh stop! You know you were thinking it after I worded it like that.. and, well.. since I did share his drag queen photos and all :) LOL) Aspen is playing "Barn Yard" on the gamecube, and Sis and Addi are playing "sisters". :) Actually, I guess something exciting did happen tonight.. Sissy pulled out her 2nd tooth. :) It was barely hanging on there and she just pushed it out with her tounge again.... and it just popped on outta there. Same as last summer when she lost her first tooth. :) She is walking around like Miss Confidence, strutting her stuff with her shoulders all back :) It is helarious! little Miss thang that she is. My camera, thanks to my lovely daughter Corutney who decided to leave the thing turned on all night, no longer has batteries that work. SO.. I'll snap a picture tommorow to share once I hit Wal-mart on our way out of town. She looks totally adorable though :) Love it when they lose their teeth :)

Okay.. better bail! Hope everyone is doing well... and I'll talk to ya soon! :)

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