Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hey guys.. I know, I know... it's been a LONG time. Hey, don't take it personally, I haven't even been online. Life this time of year is ALWAYS so hectic/crazy and we've just been non-stop all summer. School starts tommorow for the girls. Between back to school days, welcome back nights at school, shopping, hair/denist/etc.. I am just ready for school to actually START to get back into a routine. It's just really been "on the go" ever since we got back from chicago. And oh, we no more got back after my last post and we left.. AGAIN.. just a few days later. Chelc and Court had to go back to TN (their great grandma passed away), so they've both been back litterally for a week. Talk about cramming all the back to school stuff in such a short amount of time. BUT.. we've surrived.

Chelcey's hair looks really good.. she went dark brown (FINALLY got rid of that orange color that that lovely box gave her.. lol)- and she actually cut off all her BANGS. She looks super cute.. I'll share pictures soon. She started school today at Eastern (public school). She took the placement test last week for Christian accademy and we won't find out until Friday of this week. SO.. I had no other choice than to start her today "just in case" she can't get in, ya know? So. she's at school right now... she had to do a "speed shopping spree" last night while Courtney and I were at COurt's new school "new family night", so at least she man aged to grab some cute clothes before she started back! We were holding out because if she DOES get into CAL, we're talking another $400 in uniforms and I didn't want to spend MORE money on "non-uniform" clothes for 3 days in case she gets in... it's been fun not knowing, ya know?....

COurtney is excited about jr. high. It's A BIG change for her going from a class of 42 in her 5th grade last year to a 6th grade class of 182! She's at the large campus for Christian Accademy (the smaller campus, the ones the girls go to, only go up to 5th grade). She has a locker now and finally got that locker combination down pat. :) It's a big change for her... shes nervous, so.. I'll let ya know how it goes tommrow.

We're trying to figure out how we're going to do the "driving them to school" route since we'll be going in 3 different directions. I was hoping to have a new car before school started but, that did't happen. We've ben looking- but but as hard as I"d like. That's a whole other story in itself.... but, we may put the little ones on the private bus for the mornings- stil trying to figure it out. We're driving them all in the first week (should be fun!).... ESP. since each school is on opposite sides of the city. We no more drop the little ones off this week, and I have to be back at the school to pick Addi up (half day this first week) at noon, then have to be back to get them at 3pm, COurtney by 3:30 (at the latest- she gets out at 3:10) and thankfully Chelcey is riding home with Travis! Otherwise, I don't know how we would do it. Awwwh... the life of a big family!

Ok.. better scram! Lots more to share, but... I have a denist appointment at 3pm, have a few "can't find items" left to pick up for the girls before tommorow, need to run by and pick up our alterations, run to the store- they increased lunches to $3/per kid this year and $15 x 30 days = NO THANK YOU.. so, need to get lunch stuff bought and their daily snacks. So.. lots to get done today. Just wanted to pop in and say "Hi" and that we're still alive :).. just extremly busy.

Talk to you guys soon!

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