Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Be back SOOOOOON...

Ok, I know.. I knooooow. It's been *ages* since I've updated this blog. "Myyyy Baaad!"... I have lots to update on and lots of pictures to share (I mean really, where the heck is that camera cord of mine and why CAN'T I get my children to leave things like this alone? Ugh-hem!). My other laptop crashed (well, not technically.. it was invaded with spyware *thanks to my blondness of downloading "Vista Anti-Virus" when I didn't even HAVE Vista on that computer! DUMB!*) Well, I've since then purchased a new laptop so.. that means I'll be back very soon to update.

Anyways... off to bed. Just got home from Ruby Tuesdays with Dinner w/ D. The older girls are with their dad in TN until tommorow afternoon, and the little ones spent the night with Aunt Sue-Sue and their cousins who are in town from OH. It's SO weird not having one single child in this house of mine. Weird, for sure. Esp. considering we've had a HOUSE FULL over Christmas break. We've had 3 sleepovers, 2 dinner parties, and I've cleaned for about a week straight. So... having a quite house is MUCHO needed right now. It's not totally quite though... my cat is staving (had to give him leftover cheapo dollar tree cat food that I bought AGES ago because I ran out of his kitten chow (yes, the cat who is 6 is still on kitten chow, he won't EAT anything else people.. I've TRIED!. Anyways, the cat is mad to put it mildly. He keeps attacking the plant and running around like a crazy lunitic because he's hungry. Tommorow, cat... tommorow I will buy you your "real" food. Just chill out already, would ya?

Okay.. I'm off. I'll be back on tommorow. Tommorow is new years eve (can you beleive it?) We're staying home with the fam and rocking out to guatar hero i suppose. :) Chelcey wants to have a few friends over, but not so sure about that. We'll see.... I'm just so people'd out right now from all the company..... oh, and she has a new boyfriend. This is her 2nd "real" boyfriend in 15.5 years. I'm worried about this one. He had a 9mo. girlfriend before Chelcey, which means he's a "one woman" kinda man, which REALLY freaks me out. They seems to be moving really fast (calling each other "baby" in text's.. I mean really, what the heck? So.. little freaked on that one. But.. I'll save that for tommorow :)

Hope all is well with everyone... Christmas was good... uneventful, quite... kinda. But- more on that later. :) See ya! And thanks mom, for sending me my blog address. What would I do without you? You and your little merry maid, self [inside joke! :)).. LOVE YOU.

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