Saturday, January 3, 2009

3rd post in one day...

Guess I have a lot to say today. What? That surprises you? :)

The girls had a friend spend the night last night [Holly] and we all stayed up pretty late. We slept in until 11:30am. It's going to be SOOO hard to get up for Church tommorow, let ALONE for SCHOOL on Monday. It's going to be tough getting back in the groove of school again. We've been so off our schedules... staying up late, sleeping in late... awh- it's felt nice. :)

When we DID wake-up this morning.. errr.. afternoon (lol), we had 2 big boxes of presents waiting for us by our door. My Mom had sent christmas presents to the girls since we didn't make it to MO and the girls got the CUTEST little outfits. They put them on right away and they are just TOOOO stinking cute! :) I snapped pictures, but alas... no camera cord to share. TOMMOROW people, TOMMOROW. :)

Nothing else too thrilling happened today. Chelcey had to work, so when we picked her up we hit "Garden Ridge" (huge home decor place) because D needs to find 81 4ft. plants for the Homewood Suites in Orland Park before the inspection. So... while he looked at plants, I checked out the organization stuff (I'm on SUCH a roll, people.. you would be SO proud of me!). Lots of cool stuff... :) He didn't find the plants that he wants, I didn't buy anything, but it was still nice to get out. :)

Aspen had a little birthday party to go today, Nate from her school, and she was looking forward to it since school let out for Christmas break. We TOTALLY forgot about it today and around 8:30pm, Savannah pipes up "Hey Aspen.. That Birthday Party"... and my heart hit my feet. I felt SO bad! She was crying :( and I just felt horrible. We had the darn invitaion on our fridge so we WOULDN'T forget and we had been talking about it several times since school let out. She was eventually okay (poor kid!).... I still feel bad that I wasn't more on top of it today. Addi went to hers on Thursday and I KNEW that Aspen's was in just a few days. UGH. Oh well, I'm not going to beat myself up about it. We'll buy Nate a Webkinz (can't go wrong there!) and we'll call him tommorow to appoligize that we missed it. *sigh*

I'm having some issues with Chelcey and her boyfriend. They've only spent time together twice, but they are moving SO very fast. I won't go into all the details right now (she's in the family room and I don't want her to see that I'm typing about her.. lol)... but I'll share later. I don't like this kid. I don't trust anything about him and he's BAD NEWS!.... This is only her 2nd boyfriend in her life, and of ALL guys at that high school- she has to find THIS ONE!... She's been using my phone since D won't buy her another one (remember: her's went flying out the window awhile back? LOL) so, naturally I checked the text messages and man, this guy is a PUNK. Telling her EVERYTHING that she wants to hear, they are already saying "I love you", he has ONE thing on his mind, and I just found out that he's a hard core partier. NOT what Chelcey needs and DEF. not a group that she needs to assoicate with. I'm getting ready to talk to her in a minute about it all.... wish me luck. I've been thinking about this ALL day since I read what this pecker wrote.
Awh... to be a mother to a teenage girl.

Okay.. need to bail! We have church tommorow and I need to get the girls in bed. I told them 10pm bedtime and they have 6 minutes to spare. Have a good night everyone and I'll see ya tommorow :)

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