Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bean Soup.. it ain't RIGHT!

Okay.. so, if you are ever invited to our house for bean soup, and D was the one who made it, please decline. Really... it will be for your own good.

D made a HUGE pot of bean & ham soup the other day. With chicken broth. With not only BACON, but BACON LARD (don't ASK!).. and more things that one would think should NOT be in a bean/ham soup, then I dare care to mention.

I took a few bites.

My digestive system won't be right for a month.

Honestly..... I look 5mo. pregnant from being so darn bloated, I'm gassy (I know, nice!), and well... now... I'm constipated.

That stuff ain't RIGHT, people!

And, if that wasn't bad enough. He made gourmet burgers last night for dinner (yes, he has cooked like FOUR times in the last 2wks. Impressive, I know).. and today for lunch, wanna know what he had? A leftover hamburger with his BEAN SOUP ON TOP OF IT.

If he doesn't wake up in the morning. You will know why.


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