Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Scrapbook Room

Ok, I have to share because I'm ever so stoked. Most of you know that I use to be an avid scrapbooker. LOVED it. The creative outlet was amazing, and I've missed it so much. Well, after I started the magazine, I just never had any time TO scrapbook. Well, I've missed it for the last 5 years (man, has it really been THAT long since I did something creative? Why WONDER I'm out of balance!) :) Well.. I've been talking about getting back started in it for the last 1-2yr., but just have never had a place (zone) to set up all my stuff and get my groove back on. Those of you who know about scrapbooking know that this hobby comes with a MACK DADDY amount of supplies and just "stuff". :)

Well... D is building my scrapbook room as we speak and I'm *ever* so pysched about it! We ended up getting all the wood cabinets for free (thanks to the extra set over at D's dad's), and he's already installed the formica countertops. It's going to be AWESOME. :) I found This Expidit Unit at IKEA and this will be PERFECT for cute baskets. I want to order another one (black) for our basement family room--- it'll look awesome!.

I'm totally excited about it. :) I'm worried about having all my scrapbook supplies in kid view where I *know* Miss Savannah will be ALL into, but... hopefully some little ground rules will help (yeah right, who am I fooling?) :)

It'll be nice to finally have a past time of something I enjoy and will allow me to get creative again. I've always done something creative in some stage of my life, and honestly- I've really felt that void for awhile now. So... I'm diving back in :) I'll share pictures as soon as it's done (hopefully by next weekend- we're close!).

D decided that he didn't like the color of the walls in that room. We orginally painted it like a tan color, which complimented the rest of the earthy tones down there. Our main wall is like a green color.. earthy.. but D found THIS COLOR from the HGTV Dream home site and decided to paint the walls last night. The second coat is being put on as we speak. It def. looks brighter down there (color was needed in that room.. the tan was really dull), however- the flow from THIS ROOM now to the MAIN ROOOM (there isn't a door or divided inbetween) just doesn't flow now. You go from a soft pumpkin spice color to a GREEN color. It just doesn't go. D, on the other hand, thinks it does. I tried to take pictures today and was all excited about sharing them but I STILL can't find my camera cord. I was doing the TOUCHDOWN DANCE today because I found "a" camera cord inside my camera case (nice place for it, woudln't ya say? My thoughts exactly.... boy, did *I* feel dumb!), only come to find out- it was to Chelcey's camera and not mine. So.. I'm forcing myself to go to Best Buy tommorow to find a stinking camera cord so I can share all these pictures.

((okay, here's a shot of the two colors that so don't go. He isn't liking the color now that he has painted more of the room, so... I think tommorow this wall will be a WHOLE new color. That boy!))

Anyways.. it'll all come together. I'm thrilled.

Oh, and most of you know that I've been without a dishwasher for about 14 months now (yeah, STILL haven't splurged and got one!). D was at Lowes buying the formica countertops, called and said "Hey.. they have a cheap dishwasher here for about the same price ($200), would you rather have a dishwasher or a scrapbook room?"...

Like THAT was a no brainer :) LOL.... I said "Buy the formica and I'll see you in a minute!" :) Hey... scrapbooking is VERY therputic for me, so... I can stand to hand wash dishes for a little while longer, don't ya think? :)

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