Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yes! We have PICTURES...

OK.. I'm (finally) happy to announce that I *finally* was able to get all 700+ photos OFF my camera and onto my computer. I am THRILLED, needless to say. I'm talking pictures from the last of summer, first day of school, when Sis and Addi lost teeth, Halloween, Field Trips from school, Christmas photos, birthday photos.... I'm PYSCHED!!!

No, I didn't find my cord. But I *did* borrow Chelcey's camera and just put in my memory card and it worked like a charm (now why didn't I think about that SOONER? Geesh!)...

So, as soon as we get home from church tommorow, I'll resize those pups, upload them to my online photo place and will share so many darn photos, you'll be wishing I would stop already :)

Off to bed.


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