Saturday, January 3, 2009

Brady, the pyscho dog

Okay, so Courtney is getting paid $60 to dog/house sit for our neighbors while they are in Mexico (the lucky farts!) until Weds. Not a shabby gig for $60, one would think, right? Well.... today was her first day. This afternoon went okay other than Brady is a pycho dog and always gets loose and it takes a freaking army to get the dog back in. Well today, the first "1 of 3 times a day" gig, the darn dog got loose. Courtney and Holly (her friend, who she took along for support.. lol) had to chase the darn dog around the neighbood. Sweet. Well, Courtney asked me to go over with her about 30min. ago and I swear that dog is CRAZY to the core. I thought He was going to attack me. He knows Courtney, from babysitting Ty, but has never seen me before in his life [good thing, too.. because this dog is the turd that wakes me up EVERY freaking morning with the barking. He must have sensed my bitterness as I entered the house.. smart dog!). He barked non-stop, kept growling at me, and just kept giving me a stink eye! I tried to pet him so he sensed that I was okay, I wasn't going to tag up on his head afterall, but nothing worked. Courtney kept tryin to get him to go outside in the back but he was too interested in me. They have another little dog (lilly, I beleive) and she's super sweet. Everytime I pet her, Brady wanted to take my head off! She went outside fine, but Brady I guess is just going to have to 1) Wait until morning to do its business or 2) Just go on the floor. Hey, relax... they told Courtney that if the dogs go on the floor, they'll just get it when they get back. Hey... sounds like a plan to me. (lol)...

We were there for a good 30min., at least. I even went outside and the dog STILL sensed that I was around. So, I finally told Courtney to forget about.. just go out the back door and we'll let the buttface out in the morning.

That dog is nuts. $60 is clearly a lot of money to a 13 year old, but man... not NEAR enough for that wack job of a dog.

It's going to be a looooong week, and that girl is going to earn every stinking penny of that money.

Lord help us all.

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